Trends of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the leading tool to reach out to the potential customers and learning some of the latest email marketing approaches is important because of level of competition and the increasing use of smartphones to read the emails. Email marketing delivers high sales volume than social media or any other medium of marketing. Brand should be looking to maximize their email marketing campaign and learn the latest trends of this form of marketing.


Simple design will work

The responsive design is aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience across a variety of devices. Customers often come across uneven text, misplaces columns and messy layout, which are a result of not using a responsive design for the email. A responsive design allows readability and easy navigation irrespective of the device used for reading the email message. According to a research, more than 85% of the customers delete an email if the layout and the text is messy. Therefore, it is essential to use responsive designs for every email marketing campaign considering the fact that more than 80% of the emails are opened and viewed on a smartphone.

Animated Emails

Introducing animated gifs in the email communication is proving to be a useful technique and proofing to be successful for many businesses. Animated gifs attract the attention of the readers making the readers download the images. You actually create a live email by using animation and engage the audience. Focus on creating unique animated gifs relevant to your business as it will help you attract and entice new customers to the marketing campaign.

Use Video

Embedding video in an email using HTML5 is a very easy option. A video appeals more to the customers as they will not have to read the content or the text. Additionally, a video can easily spark interest and ensure a customer remains engaged for a long time. Try embedding a relevant video is some of the email communication if not all.

Double opt-in

Avoid malicious sign up and reduce the spam complaint rate by using double opt-in. When you have permission to send the customers, you are less likely of getting flagged as spam.