2 Email Marketing Metrics for Mobile

Email metrics provide extremely useful insights about the feedback of a marketing campaign. Understanding the marketing metrics is essential because more than 90% of the click and open rates occur within 72 hours of sending an email message. But, completely relying on open and click rates is just the tip of the iceberg, you need to look deeper if you want to engage the audience for a long time. Keeping tracking of the mobile email marketing metrics will help you achieve the desired goals in no time. Here are a few key email marketing metrics every marketer need to a keep a track.

Conversion Rate

Customers today use multiple devices to browse and make a purchase. Consumers prefer visiting a few renowned affiliate websites when looking for local deals. With so many diversions, tracking the conversion point becomes a challenge for the marketers. One of the leading ways to understand the conversion path is following the match back analysis wherein you compare the list of people who received the messages with those who converted to customers. Despite its flaws, the match back analysis is widely used by marketers as it provides a comprehensive view of the impact the email marketing campaign has managed to create. Tracking the conversion and impact becomes even more difficult with mobile as it leads to an extremely disjointed conversion path.


Click rate

Measuring the number of email clicks received for every email marketing campaign is easy to determine. However, the results can be misleading when the reader leaves the page before it fully loads. The metric shows the engagement rate of the target audience and tells how many customers consider the email marketing campaign worthwhile. A vast array of factors influences the rate, but some are out of your hand. Click rate depends upon time of the day, email length, link positioning and link emphasis. However, a lower CTR will necessarily does not mean that the email marketing campaign is bad, it merely means that you need to tweak changes in the marketing efforts.

Focus on the above metrics for mobile and engaging readers will surely become a cakewalk.