Why Email Marketing is Necessary in the age of Social Media?

Today, social media is considered as a viral marketing tool and is more than a platform meant just for posting videos, photos and other things. Simultaneously, email marketing has grown more important than ever with marketers because of its effectiveness and high return on investment. Today, both social media and email marketing has its potential ups and downs. Leverage the effectiveness of your marketing platform to reach the target audience. Here are a few reasons why this marketing platform is necessary in the age of social media.

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Simple numbers

Did you know that email has three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined? Social media will need many years to overcome email in terms of number of users. All day long email are exchanged between the customers, but the same is not true with social media. Furthermore, social media platforms are banned in many countries and the same is not true for email. People prefer to receive business communication in their inbox rather than reading it on their Facebook wall. In terms of numbers, email marketing simply outclasses social media. Therefore, focus on creating a campaign that delivers value to the target readers.

Attracts attention

With email marketing, you can easily make repetitive contact with the readers without worrying about spoiling the personal space. And, when you miss to hit the right window, your messages are filtered as spam by the readers. Attracting attention is easy with email marketing because customers check their messages regularly, but very few readers consider reading their newsfeed that pops up on Twitter and Facebook. Many a times, your messages may go unnoticed and your marketing budget will go for a toss.

Business medium

Business minded people never opt for Facebook and Twitter to interact with their clients. Such people want to separate their business life from the personal life. No one likes to share their photos and personal activities with customers.

Email marketing is definitely a great way to reach the target audience in the stipulated time period.