Setting up mailing list(s)

Before adding your contacts that you would like to email…you need a mailing list to put them under. To create a list, its quite simple…just follow the steps below. We are assuming you have already logged into your account or else please login by click the “Login” button on top right hand corner.

1) Click on “Create a list” from getting started tab or from the “Lists” menu at the top and then “Add New List

2) Just type in the desired name that you would like to give to your new list.

3) You can fill out the “Sender’s information” and “Add” button to create a new list.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a new list. Once you click add, you will be presented with an options to add subscribers. Before adding subscribers, We would like to run through “Advanced Settings” located under “Name of List” section.

– [highlight1]Allow duplicate emails to subscribe[/highlight1]: This is probably not a good option to check. If you check the box, the system will allow email address to be added to this same list mutiple times. This will create duplicate emails list which is sure to give rise to a spam alert.

– [highlight1]Allow duplicate emails to be sent[/highlight1]: You can allow this list to have duplicate emails and you can allow it to send emails to these duplicate emails. This means your email campaign for the same address will be received multiple times if subscribed multiple times.

– [highlight1]Ask for reason for unsubscription[/highlight1]: Tick this option if you want us to collect the reason for your subscribers removing themselves from your mailing list. This is very useful as it helps you gain direct feedback from your audience.

– [highlight1]Send last campaign to new subscribers[/highlight1]: Checking this option will setup an automated task in our system to send out your most recent email campaign to people who have just subscribed. This is a very useful option if you want your subscribers to be informed right from the start.

– [highlight1]Use Captcha Image[/highlight1]: This option is mainly used to reduce spam signups if you are not using double opt-in. Checking this option might annoy some subscribers as it add an additional step to subscription process.

– [highlight1]Require Name[/highlight1]: This option forces the system to refuse any subscriptions that the user doesn’t provide his/her name for. Its useful if you need to send emails that are very personalize (Eg. Dear John, Mary…)

– [highlight1]Do not show in public section[/highlight1]: By default all your mailing lists and campaigns relating to them are visible to public through a unique link generated on the “integration” tab of our software. You can disable this by checking this option.

– [highlight1]Default Subscriber Name[/highlight1]: This is the default name used when the person who is trying to subscribe to this list hasn’t provided his/her name. Its useful in personalizing emails.

– [highlight1]Send copies of campaigns to[/highlight1]: You can allocate a set of addresses that will always be sent a copy of any email campaign sent to this list you are creating. You can keep it to just one email or multiple email addresses of your team.

– [highlight1]Public URL Short Name[/highlight1]: This name is going to be used in generating a friendly unique link for your visitors to subscribe, modify and update their own accounts. You can think of it as your settings page where you can modify your password, name, email ID and so on.

– [highlight1]Subscription notification email[/highlight1]: Want to be informed when a person has subscribed to this list…then please check this option and provide us the email you would like to notified on.

– [highlight1]Unsubscription notification email[/highlight1]: Want to be informed when a person has unsubscribed from this list…then please check this option and provide us the email you would like to notified on.