Adding existing subscribers to your mailing list(s)

So now that you’ve managed to create a mailing list through our last tutorial…you want to know how to add new subscribers or existing ones from other services you use. This guide will help you do just that.

After creating a new list, you are presented with option to add new subscribers by importing or adding one by one manually. If you didn’t choose either of those options, don’t worry…we can still get back to those links.

1) Click on “Subscribers” tab from the top menu.

2) Once the page is loaded…choose “Import Subscribers” or “Add subscriber” from the menu to the right of your screen. If you want to add subscriber on by one, you can choose “Add Subscriber” but if you want to import large number of contacts…go for “Import Contacts”.

3) If you have choose “Add Subscriber”…its as simple as typing in their first name, last name, email address and clicking the “Add” button. In this tutorial, We are going to choose import option to demonstrate the various possibilities.

As you can see from the screenshot below…there are three options for importing.

1) A File – This option allows you to select a file (can be CSV, XML or TXT) and map the fields (First name, last name, email address) to appropriate fields configured within the system.

2) Copy/Paste – If you have a small list, you can copy and paste all the email addresses into the text-box and the system will import the subscribers accordingly.

3) An External Service – If you have contacts in other services you use…we can import them securely into the list you desire.  We currently support a lot of external services including Google Contacts, Google Docs, Capsule, Freshbooks, Highrise, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, ZOHO Crm, Tactile CRM, Batchbook, and Heap.

4) Once you choose the option above, you can choose which list you would like to import subscribers to.

5) Congratulations, you have successfully imported your contacts into the desired mailing list.