Why is timing important in email marketing?

Time is money so therefore since everyone at the end of the day is after making money, it is very crucial when you send your email campaigns. Your audience doesn’t want to waste their time reading your email campaign if it’s no useful to them at that particular moment of time.

Time is of great value and therefore you must utilize the smallest amount of time to convey a clear, accurate message across to your audience. It’s not just about pretty email campaign designs or perfect look, it’s about getting your email to your customer’s Inbox at the right time.

Macro Level – Imagine you are an online retailer that sell toys. If you are sending a newsletter informing your audience of your new website revamp just before Christmas time. Your audience are most likely not going to be interested in your website revamp. They are more interested in discount offer, special sales or some gift ideas as its the Christmas time.

Another Example – Imagine sending a 20% off Spiderman toys to a customer who just bought a Spiderman. The coupon email campaign is sent at the wrong time. This would turn off the customer rather than allowing him to use it. Nowadays, more companies leveraging email marketing are using ‘trigger sending’. This feature allows users to send their customers a particular email campaign given that they clicked on a particular link.

Let’s say for example, the customer who bought a Spiderman toy has now clicked on browse more toys link in your email campaign. Upon click, this customer is sent a 20% off coupon which will convince him enough to buy another toy from your store. This is one way why email marketing helps you increase your revenue.

Micro Level – It may not be as big of a time gap as which season to send your email newsletters on. It may be just the time of the day. This is exactly why we provide email campaign statistics. If you switch them to a 24 hour open rate, you will see exactly what time they opened their emails. You can do A/B split tests to see which email has the highest open rate and at what time.

I hope this helps you schedule your email campaigns at that right time. It’s different for all our customers and it may be even different from your mailing lists. It’s all about trying to find that perfect time to convince your customers to buy or have a look at your products or services.