What is the Best Time to Send your Email?

So, you have drafted the perfect mail for your email marketing campaign. You have taken every necessary step to ensure that you have the right message with an attractive subject line and the right amount of content. You have added a catchy image and perfect color scheme to ensure that it is appealing. But, everything will be a waste, if the message reaches the customer’s inbox at the wrong time. Attractive subject line, an eye-catching color scheme and right amount of content won’t mean anything if people do not read your email.

When to finally send?

So, the million dollar question arises, when is the best time to send an email? A very common answer to this question is, Tuesday to Thursday. Monday and Friday are ignored because people usually take off on these days to have an extended holiday. However, now the trend is changing. Sending emails on Monday and Fridays will be more beneficial because a majority of the people will be in the holiday mood and they would prefer surfing the internet than working on holidays. Also, sending an email soon after the lunch period will receive higher click rate and new open rate because after a heavy meal people are too lazy to work and browsing through their inbox is the best available option for them.  Additionally, people loaded with work during the middle of the week will simply mark the email as spam because of the workload.

Days to look forward to

Moreover, there are certain special days throughout the year where you can achieve the highest open rate. However, to achieve this you might face some fierce competition because such days are usually national holidays and special shopping days where customers are enticed by discounts. In order to achieve success during these days, a plan of action is required because you need to stand out of the crowd to make yourself visible.

What else you should keep in mind?

Sending mobile compatible mails will earn higher profits because with the world going digitized, mails are accessed more on mobile phones than on laptops or desktops. Therefore, the time of sending an email is just one drop in the deep ocean. Consider other factors before taking a final call.