Three Types of Email Marketing

It is a well-known fact that email marketing today is one of the most powerful tools used by marketers to drive in new customers and convert the leads to long-term customers.  However, with so many companies sending emails to the customer, it becomes extremely important to stand out of the crowd and ensure that a customer is able to recognize you and prefer your email over the competitors. Through the following techniques you can easily capture the interest of your audience and ensure a successful email marketing campaign.

1) Transactional Email captivates

Receipts of email, statements, invoices and confirmation of orders, forms the transactional emails. These mails have the highest open rate and click through rate, according to a recent study. Customers relate in a better way with the transactional emails than the promotional emails. In fact, many times a customer wait for receiving these transactional emails and any delay in these transactional mails can hamper the online reputation. It is at your discretion whether to include the call-to-action in the transactional emails that you are sending to the customers.

 2) Behavioral emails are the future

This method of email marketing sends out targeted message to the customers based on the usage pattern of the customer. In mathematical terms, a customer’s behavior + marketing automation = behavioral marketing. When these two elements are combined, a deadly combination is formed, which ensures high open, click through and conversion rates. Moreover, to understand the marketing automation, you need not be a mathematics genius. It is a simple and fantastic way, which is soon going to become the future of email marketing.  In order to implement the behavioral marketing successfully, you need to work on and move forward to an integrated system of marketing, which will enable you to collect, bind the interest of the customer’s preferences, behavior and actions.

3) Email Newsletter- Traditionally the best way

The only channel connecting the customer and your organization is undoubtedly              the email newsletter. And, it is one of the leading ways to build brand awareness, online reputation and online recognition in the internet ocean. Try different strategies with the newsletter and entice your guests forever.