Paid Email Programs – the Need of the Hour

Paid email programs assist your email marketing campaign in a phenomenal way. They are an asset to any marketing strategy as they send out high quality emails to the targeted users. Your database may be outdated, but the paid programs are always updated to ensure maximum reach and high open and click rates. However, with a plethora of such paid programs available on the internet, it becomes extremely difficult to choose a paid program, which will suit best to your email marketing campaign. The following tips will help you decide an authentic and reliable vendor.

 1) Keep an eye on the database

The database of any vendor is the soul of the paid email program. Therefore, keep a track on the database and ask relevant questions such as how many times the database is cleaned and updated or Are all the customers in the database willing to receive email? The answers to these questions will help you understand the authenticity of the vendor’s database. Also, look out for new contacts in the list as new customers are the ones that you should focus on.

2) Fix a price beforehand

Vendors may charge you on the basis of leads delivered or number of mails sent. This is also called as CPM. For this, you need to understand the business model of your organization. If it is a promotional email campaign with a motive of spreading awareness, then opt for CPM else, you can choose cost-per-lead plan.

3) Revisit the plan

Merely giving the handing over the email marketing campaign to a vendor does not ensure leads and growth. To understand whether your investment in the vendor has worked or not analyze before and after results. Only if the results are showing, it is fruitful to opt for a paid email program. Additionally, do not expect results within 1 or 2 months. Check the results after 6 months to understand the effectiveness of the email strategy followed by the vendor.

Last, but not the least, always hire a vendor who is respected and well-reputed in this field to gain maximum benefits.