Improve the Email Deliverability to Enhance Reputation

A high email acceptability rate doesn’t necessarily ensure that it will remain so in the near future. The acceptance rate for companies in the past have plummeted because of the email being reported as oblivion. There is no doubt in accepting the fact that email marketing today is the most effective way to reach out to the target audience. However, with the report spam oblivion, it becomes essential to monitor the email deliverability regularly. As a part of your email deliverability process, the following steps can be followed

Step 1

Check the deliverability statistics for IP address who in the recent past have either increased your sales or have marked the email newsletter as spam. The deliverability can be checked for domains as well. Use the engagement metrics to determine which customers are opening and clicking the mail and which are marking it spam.

Step 2

Procure an in-depth reputation report and analyze the factors affecting the reputation. This is an important step because you will precisely know the factors affecting the deliverability.

Step 3

After understanding the key areas, you can carry out a detailed analysis of the proven best practices and the actual practice used by your email campaign. This will give you a fair idea of the practices that are working well and those that should be discontinued. The best tool and strategy you can implement in your current action plan and improve the overall deliverability rate.

Step 4

The deliverability statistics can be improved if you ask your users to add your email address in their contact list to ensure all mails are delivered to your inbox and are not spam. It is a great way for getting the user’s authentication as no approval is required.

Step 5

Make unsubscribing as simple as eating a cake because if users have to follow a tedious path of unsubscribing, there are high chances that your email is marked spam. It will have a negative effect as it will downgrade your reputation and even the inbox placement for the potential and existing users will get affected drastically.

By following these simple practices, you can easily land up directly in the user’s inbox and improve the email deliverability.