Why Email Marketing is the Best Marketing Tool?

The value of email marketing has increased drastically over the past few years owing to the costly social media platforms. Mobile trends and digitization have brought in a new life and relevance to the email technology. Due the extensive usage of mobile, people connect to their inboxes like never before. Email is growing and is likely to increase over the coming years. Not only it’s cost-effective, but it provides immense benefits to the customers as well. Here are a few reasons why email marketing is the best marketing tool available in the market.


Win-win situation for everyone

Who does not love to save money? Email marketing ensures you reap maximum benefits from the money you have invested. For customers email is the best tool because it allows personalized communication without revealing any personal details. Furthermore, promotional emails are a great way to communicate and drive engagement. It helps to increase customer interest and the decisions are taken faster. Such promotional messages increase the open rate and increases the decision taking capability of the customers.

Email is quick to read

In the fast paced world, when people are extremely busy, they don’t have time to read lengthy offers and promotional content. According to a survey, one-third of all the customers shop online and prefer email as a means of communication for receiving offers. Moreover, offers on Facebook and other social media platforms may go unnoticed, but messages in the inbox are rarely missed by the customers. For a customer, scanning email is faster than searching for offers on Facebook. You connect with the customers on the go and they can make a purchase anytime from anywhere.

Creating visually stunning emails is easy

Over the years, email text has become shorter and customers prefer email with images because it saves time. Different call-to-actions are placed in the body of the message, which makes it easier for the customer to take a decision. Through a mixture of colors and choice of elements, increasing the conversion rate is easier.

Focus on creating an email copy that is meaningful, attractive and visually stunning.