9 Ways to Improve the Performance of your Email Marketing

Email marketing provides the marketers with a lot of data and analytics to evaluate the performance of the marketing campaign and make the necessary improvements. Since long, email marketing has remained as the leading way to convert prospects into customers. You need to take time to build an email list because it gives you the ability to reach the target audience.

Evaluating the performance of your marketing campaign helps in improving the open rates, spam complaint and click-through rates.

If used correctly email is a powerful and generates exceptional results. From engaging the customers to boosting sales, there is nothing which email marketing cannot accomplish.

Below we have mentioned 9 ways of improving the performance of the email marketing campaign. These practices are simple and quite straightforward and not complex, but they help you improve the performance of the marketing campaign.

Keep it short

In the initial days of email marketing, it was a common practice to send three-four columns overflowing with content. With the evolution of technology and change in the customer preference, those kinds of newsletters should be extinct, but surprisingly such newsletters are common. And, when your customer receives an overwhelming amount of content, your eyes do not know where to focus. As a marketer, you need to understand that people want to read succinct and main content only. Decision-makers are busy and they read emaibils when in transit. Therefore, sending short and crisp emails is the leading way to enhance the performance of your email marketing campaign.

Personalize the email

Beginning your email with ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Customer’ will only increase the chances of email going unread by the customers. In email marketing, it pays to be personal. Salutations like ‘Dear Sir’ are a single to the customers that the email content is probably not tailored for them. Focus on personalizing the subject line to capture the attention of the customers. Personal introduction shows the customer that you care and they’re likely to become more effective in capturing the attention of the customers.

Have a call-to-action

Of course, your email needs an effective call-to-action (CTA). Without a CTA, your customers do not know what to expect from your newsletter? However, the trick here is having only one CTA per email. Multiple CTAs confuses the readers because they cannot understand what action is expected from them. The job of email marketing is to make the life of your customers simple and not difficult. Therefore, focus on providing a single CTA that directly leads the customer to your landing page or the website.

Know your readers

Understanding and knowing your audience inside and out will help you cater to their requirements. One blunder you can commit as an email marketer is blasting the same message to every subscriber. Using list segmentation to send messages according to the interest of the customers is critical for your business. A little bit of insight will help you personalize the messages and segment the customers. Always focus on sharing relevant messages to the readers, otherwise your email marketing campaign will never flourish.

Use emoji in subject line

Emojis are a fun and effective way of communicating with the recipients. Don’t you like chatting with your friends and family members using emojis? Whether its text messages or email messages, using emoji in the subject line drives higher open rate and is a great way to stand out of the crowd. However, never overdo the emoji because it will defeat the overall purpose of a creative newsletter. Think and create interesting subject lines with emoji for the customer to take instant action.

Use custom responsive email template

A majority of your recipients is likely to read the message on a mobile device, so it’s essential that the template of the newsletter is responsive. The templates should be responsive and should deliver messages perfectly across all devices and screen sizes. Take responsive email templates one step further and create custom templates that helps your brand stand out in the inbox. The cost of creating a custom email template is minimal and it provides a professional look to your email marketing campaign.

Test multiple deployment time

The worst dream an email marketer can think is considering that everyone reads their email. You need to constantly test different deployment times. Start by sending the messages to first half of the mailing list in the morning and the other half in the evening. From there, which one has the strongest metrics and then experiment with closer deployment intervals. If your metrics are higher in the evening, send your next email at different intervals in the evening.

Make it easy to read

One overlooked aspect of email marketing is to ensure that emails are easy and extremely enjoyable to read. Being verbose and including unnecessary jargons will not help you achieve the desired results. Furthermore, never make your readers squint or strain their eyes to read or see your content. Focus on using a large readable font that is easily read on mobile phones. You need to take care of your customers and make their experience with your newsletter worthwhile.

Use simple design

Too many images, videos and animated GIFs dilutes the main message of the newsletter. It creates problems for the recipient to understand and they prefer leaving the email marketing campaign. Therefore, use simple yet attractive designs, which can convey the message to the readers seamlessly.

Extraneous and crammed content reduces the performance of the email and makes it difficult for the companies to reach the target audience.