8 Great Tips for Email Marketers

Have you ever noticed that why every other company is running email-marketing campaigns? It’s because email marketing has become so popular! It’s an effective way to promote products and increase sales. Before running a campaign, you should first try to learn about it as much as possible. You should first learn the whole process of running a campaign and then apply it. But the real fact is that just learning the process is not enough, if you really want to run a successful campaign, then you should know the smartest tips and tricks of email marketing.

Now you must be thinking that how can I learn the smartest tips and tricks of email marketing?? Don’t worry! We have listed all the smartest tips and tricks, so that you don’t find any difficulty.

Don’t make your email sound formal

This is the most important tip for all the email marketers out there. Your email should never sound formal, because usually people don’t even bother to open automated advertising emails. So the tone of your email should be a little informal, so that your customers believe that it’s a manually written email.

Go Beyond Advertising

Your email should be 75% focused on your product and 25% focused on your customers. Always show respect and concern towards your customers.

Make sure your email reaches right to the customer’s inbox

This is the most important part. There is no use of your marketing campaign if the emails are not reaching to your customer’s inbox. So make sure your emails reach safely and properly to your customer’s inbox. You should try to improve the deliverability of your campaign. To improve the deliverability of your campaign, your email service provider must offer the following services:

  • Built-in “Can Spam” compliance.
  • A good e-mail template code.
  • Automatic unsubscribe handling
  • Automatic complaint handling
  • Throttled sending

Your content should be engaging

No one wants to read lame e-mails, so the content of your email should be engaging enough to drive customers towards your product/website/business. Don’t use too many pictures, just focus on the content of your email—it should be UNIQUE and your emails should stand out from other campaigns.

Drive social media marketing results via email marketing

The smartest tip is to link social channels in email campaigns. By this way, you will be able to drive customers to your emails as well as to your social channels. This will create constant interaction between you and your customers.

Make sure your customers subscribe to your email/newsletter/service

Always highlight the benefits of subscription in your emails. The content of your emails should be created in such a manner that your customers should feel compelled to subscribe to your emails/newsletters/other services. Moreover, when customers subscribe to your email/newsletter, then do not forget to send your customers a “Thank You” email for subscription.

Show Immediate Responsiveness

Whenever there is a complaint, query or request related to your product/business, reply to it as quickly as possible. And always try to help your customers and build a healthy and loyal relationship. Create auto-responders that will help you in converting potential customers to loyal ones.