5 Ways to Build on Email Marketing Basics

Just like a winning a football match, effective marketing campaigns require a focus on fundamentals. Building a solid email foundation is the key when it comes to reaching the target audience. Also, email marketing tool is probably the best a business can have in their repertoire. If the basics are ingrained in the workflow, testing new tools and implementing innovative strategies become easier and quicker.

email marketing tool

Here are a few ways basics to keep in mind while crafting the marketing campaign.

1)  Pursue data integrity

Email open rates are critical because they provide you with access to a plethora of data, which you need to send personalize messages. It also ensures that there is no short-circuit in the connection between you and the customer. Save and pursue data integrity by verifying the email addresses at every touch point. A verification tool ensures the reduction in entry mistakes, bounce rates and increases the ROI of the campaign. Marketers who overlook data integrity always find themselves lost in the black sea. Furthermore, all the time spent on customer segmentation, marketing strategy and personalization will go in vain.

2) Respect readers

Honesty is the best virtue for an email marketer because customers want the truth about your brand and not an artistic overview. Respect the valuable time a reader spends on your brand by sharing worthwhile content. Readers will take a split of a second to delete the emails if the messages are not up to the mark. Once the customers filter your messages as spam, reaching the inbox again will become an impossible task to achieve. Unless you respect the customers, the customers will not bother to purchase from your brand.

3) Focus on customer-centric approach

Today, customers are bombarded with a plethora of emails and marketers are constantly trying to capture the attention of the readers. In order to remain customer centric, focus on segmenting the customers based on different criteria. For example, marketers can combine the age, demographics, and geography to sell different types of raincoats based on the monsoon season of the location. Such personalized messages are going to yield results.

4) Feed them great content

Content is still the king and feeding great content is one of the building pillars of an email campaign. Many companies often witness email as a virtual billboard than a relationship. And, in doing so, they forget about creating content, which resonates with the target audience. Strive to build a relationship with the customers by offering blogs, white papers, buzz-worthy material, infographics and interactive content.

5) Measure performance

Emails offer a myriad data points leaving the marketers in a dilemma. Understanding the performance of the campaign is essential to the success of the email marketing tool. Without measuring performance, you cannot tweak changes in the campaign.

As we discover new ways of reaching the customers, engaging the customers,  increasing revenue and enhancing ROI, an email will remain the top priority for marketers. Using email, you’re communicating through devices and you need to take great care of ensuring that messages are mobile compatible.