5 Signs your Bulk Email Service Provider Needs to Update the Marketing Strategy

Your marketing campaigns are performing blissfully well. Subscribers are engaged, open and click-through rates are high, and customer conversion is satisfactory. Congratulations! Your marketing stars are finally in alignment, and everything is working according to your master plan. It’s time for to sit back and go on a holiday with your family! Not so fast! Just because your marketing strategy is falling in place, it does not mean you cannot improvise on the marketing performance. As a bulk email service provider, we can say that with confidence.

5 Signs your Bulk Email Service Provider Needs to Update the Marketing Strategy

For those, whose marketing strategy is not performing up to the expectation,  focus on updating the strategy of the bulk email service provider. Here are few signs every marketer should look out for.

1) Identical open and click rates after every campaign

You will feel euphoric when the open and click rate increases. It is a sign that the target audience is appreciating your email campaign. But, if the open and the click rate becomes consistent after 3-4 campaigns, you should dig further to understand the reason behind the same. Identical open rates are an indication that the same portion of the marketing list is engaging every time. Therefore, it’s crucial for the bulk email service provider to check email metric and launch re-engagement campaigns to win back the trust of lost customers.

2) Email list growth is stagnant

A marketing list growing constantly is a healthy list. If your list growth has come to a full stop, you need to revisit the marketing strategy. Offer an extended discount to the subscribers to win back their trust. You can also place the CTAs at prominent places throughout the website where it is visible to the readers. A plethora of marketers promotes their email campaign through paid and organic social efforts. Think out-of-the-box to urge customers to become loyal customers to your brand.

3) No focus on A/B testing

It is through testing, you find the little magical ways of piquing the interest of the target audience. Through A/B testing you can drive new leads, fill the sales pipeline and increase the ROI of your business. Starting from images, test everything present in the message.  A/B testing will help you find loopholes, which stops a customer from becoming loyal to your brand. Test, test, and test.

4) No personalization

As marketers, you know the importance of customer data. The more data you have, the stronger will be your marketing campaign. By creating a complete profile, you can trigger a sophisticated and well-organized email programs, which will delight the customers and turn them into loyal subscribers. Even a pinch of personalization is enough to get your email campaign taste success.

5) Using same old newsletter design

An outdated persona is a big turn off in email messages because your brand image is not in-line with the email messages. Every business evolves over time and as you update the website, it’s important to keep pace with the newsletter design. Your messages will reach the spam folder if the brand logo on the website is different from the one in the newsletter design. Talk to your bulk email service provider and regularly update the newsletter design.