3 Tips for a Foolproof Email Marketing

With the year ending and everyone decked up for Christmas and New Year, it’s crucial than ever to ensure that you’re engaging the customers. It is essential because today the world is being dominated by social media and mobile, leaving a little less scope for email marketing to shine. Even then, email remains as the most lethal tool in the arsenal of a marketer. During the holiday season, a plethora of marketers turns towards email marketing to engage the potential customers and increase their revenue.  When the holiday season is around, marketers need to pay attention to the basics because it will help them win the battle. The holiday season is the ideal time to overlook tricks of the trades to deliver customer engagement through e newsletter service. Focus on the basics, and you will come out with flying colors.

3 Tips for a Foolproof Email Marketing using E Newsletter Service

1) Think beyond the email message

Usually, the first thing that catches customer’s attention is the name of the sender. Try different permutation and combination for sender’s name for the same message. Customers will perceive it as new content because of change in the sender’s name, thereby increasing the open rates. Furthermore, a direct subject line will not garner any interest because from the subject line; the customer knows what is in the email. Focus on creating mysterious subject lines with a sense of urgency to pique the interest of the target audience. But, don’t get carried away – keep the subject line as simple as possible using the e newsletter service. Also, pre-headers (text displayed after the subject line) is often overlooked by the readers. Therefore, instead of pasting a line directly from the email body, utilize it to attract the audience.

2) Leverage the power of AI

With the world going head over heel with different technologies, it’s probably the right time to strike a balance between email marketing and technology. Personalized email messages those which are the brainchild of the predictive power of artificial intelligence yields better result. With AI, you can send information, which your customers want to receive. It will prevent you from firing in a dark room and will help in building trust with the customers. You can use AI to recommend products to the target audience based on their purchase history, search pattern and preferences.

3) Engaged inactive customers

Waking dormant consumers during the holiday season is art because every brand is trying to win the trust of your customer. However, the solution is more straightforward than the problem.  You only need to deliver curated and unique content to revive the engagement with the customer. Before creating a re-engagement campaign, run a survey to ask the customers about their preferences and interest. Based on the survey results, send irresistible offers. While being patient in email marketing will always pay, you need to know when to quit.

Today, email marketing is a state of the art which is driven by customer expectation. A customer requires individual attention because of which the building stone of an e newsletter service is customer experience. The success of a brand depends on how well they interact with the target audience – email is no exception.