3 Email Marketing Tactics to Increase your Business Revenue

Email is the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century because of which marketers across the world rely on it. Sales from email marketing has seen an increase when compared to sales from social media. Changing your approach will help you deliver results and will increase the revenue of your business. Today, change is necessary in every field and it is the mother of all innovation. Here are a few changes you can implement in the next email newsletter to reap the maximum benefits.

Abandoned cart strategy

One of the toughest realities you have to face is people checking out the product, selecting them, but leaving it abandoned in the cart. More than 68% of the customers leave items in their cart, which costs a lot of money to the companies. The reason for abandoning the cart could be numerous, but you need to devise a strategy to follow up with such abandoners. If you focus on these customers, you can definitely increase the revenue of your business by a significant margin.

Optimize the timing of messages

There is no best or worst time to send messages to the target audience. If someone tells you to send messages on a Monday morning, don’t believe them blindly. Study the data from the email marketing campaign and analyze the results carefully. When you witness the highest open rate, consider it as the best time to messages to your target audience. However, consider the different time zones when sending messages to the customers because the time zone in California is different from Florida. Use the data to optimize the timing of the email copy.

Segment the marketing list

It’s high time you come out of the batch and blast approach wherein every customer receives the same message. Today, digital customers are looking for tailor-content that is according to their interest. You can segment the marketing list based on age, interest, purchase history, activity and interaction with your brand. Without segmentation, a computer engineer and a car mechanic will receive the same email. One of them is likely to filter your messages as spam.

Therefore, focus on your email campaign and tweak the above changes for a higher business revenue.