Statistics and Reporting Features

Open/Click Tracking

Now you can find out how many subscribers are opening your email campaign. You can even view which individual subscriber viewed the campaign, how many times they opened it, and the date/time that they viewed your campaign.


Bounce Tracking

View a list of subscribers who resulted in a bounced email. You can view the type of bounce (soft/hard) along with the bounce reason that was returned. You can also see the bounce rate for the entire email campaign send out.


Email Client Report

We automatically track the email clients your subscribers are using. You will be able to view the top email clients for a list and/or a specific campaign. Our system also shows your subscribers ESP’s.


List Trend Report

With our opens by time/day trend report you can see what time of the day receives the most opens. You can look across all your lists, for a specific list, or a specific campaign. You can also see what day of the week achieves the highest opens.


Unsubscribe Report

From your control panel, you can track in real-time all the unsubscribes from a specific campaign along with the reason they unsubscribed (if they entered a reason). You can also customize the unsubscribe email sent.


Subscriber GEO Location

Get location data of your individual subscribers and view their home location and travel history. Use this information to optimize & segment your lists for better campaign performance.