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Email It! is an easy to use web-based application that transforms that way you keep in touch with your customers. It serves as a powerful tool for creating, managing, sending & tracking newsletters and email campaigns. It simplifies the publishing and delivery process so you can focus on the content, as well as on analyzing and responding to the results of your campaign.

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Create your Email Campaign

Email It! has powerful campaign management features that enable you to easily manage your brand image. Our software includes a full range of tools from content creation to on-line media management. Additionally, you can use Email It! to pull external content located on your website to be included in your email marketing campaigns.


Email It! includes a powerful HTML Editor that allows even HTML beginners to easily create great looking HTML email campaigns. Experienced HTML designers can also use the integrated HTML editor to make quick changes.

Template Library

Our Template library acts as the central storage for your email marketing content. The Template Library makes sending email campaigns quick and easy. You can use any of our pre-made Industry-Specific HTML email templates (there are 100’s of them), choose to add your own or use our Professional Services and have one of our designers create one for you.

Online Image and Document Hosting

Image and Document Hosting allows you to manage and control all aspects of your campaign from within the easy to use interface. Maintaining total control of your image and document library ensures there is no need to worry about having campaign linked images deleted from a third party website-and inaccessible to your email campaign recipients.

Image hosting streamlines campaign creation, with one click insertion into email templates. Store hundreds of images and documents in your choice of format (JPEG, GIF, PNG images and PDF, word doc).

Foreign Language Capabilities

Email It! fully supports foreign language and double-byte character sets, allowing you to send both plain text and HTML e-mails in virtually any foreign language. Here is a list of supported character sets in Email It!: US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2, ISO-8859-3, ISO-8859-4, ISO-8859-5, ISO-8859-6, ISO-8859-7, ISO-8859-8, ISO-8859-9, windows-1250, windows-1251, windows-1252, windows-1253, windows-1254, windows-1255, windows-1256, windows-1257, windows-1258, UTF-8 (Unicode), Big5, ISO-2022-JP, EUC-KR, korean.

Send your Email Campaign

Email It! offers one of the best deliverability platforms available today. Marketers who want to ensure that their email campaigns reach the inboxes of their recipients use Email It! to achieve some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry. Email It! is continually investing in researching the different factors that cause deliverability problems, and continuously addresses each of these issues through a robust set of deliverability tools and methodologies available within the Email It! product.

ISP Relationships and Active Whitelisting Status

Email It! maintains white list status with top ISPs such as AOL, MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo and Comcast. This status is derived through relationships cultivated by the Email It! deliverability team.

Abuse Reporting with Feedback Loops

Additionally, Email It! is planning to ensure that all email gets delivered to major ISPs by using an ISP feedback loop. A feedback loop allows you to see all of the people who have clicked “Report Spam” at a particular ISP. By default Email It! will auto block any recipient that clicks “Report Spam” from your list so that person is not negatively affecting your deliverability going forward.

Email Accreditation

Email It! has continually partnering with many email accreditation services to offer enhanced deliverability to mailers whose mailing reputation warrants acceptance into the given programs. For email marketers who posses positive reputations, accreditation services can enhance deliverability rates up to 20%.

Dedicated and IP Segmentation

Email It! uses a wide range of IPs to deliver email. Customers who demonstrate a history of responsible list management, low abuse complaint rates, low unsubscribe rates, and low bounce rates are “upgraded” to more exclusive IP ranges.

Track your Email Campaigns

Email It! platform includes tools designed to help you determine the exact demographics of your customers. Through real-time, web-based reports and analytics, you’ll get a high level view of your campaign results, plus be able to drill-down into the specifics of your data. The more known about your ideal customer, the more you can refine future email campaigns to deliver exactly what your customers want when they want it. The valuable information provided by Email Now’s reports and tracking tools will pave the way to increased buy rates and order volume, decreased bounce backs and unsubscribes, and of course an ever-growing return on investment.

Know Who Opened and Clicked

Email Now’s powerful tracking and analytical platform gives customers both summary and detail views of who has opened, read or clicked through on the campaigns. This information is vital in making key decisions on campaign follow-up as well as follow through by sales staff.

Campaign Bounce Report

One very vital aspect of managing your email marketing list is bounce management. Email It! contains reports that help email marketers understand which recipients are bouncing as well as understand bounce rates for all of your campaigns. Email It! also allows you to drill down to see what type of bounce is being generated (hard bounce vs. soft bounce) as well as see the full bounce description.

Viral Tracking Report Analytics

The Built-in “forward-to-friend” tool helps your recipients spread the word about you. Your campaign reports show how many times your campaign was forwarded, opened by whom and at what time.

Hosted Online Report Archive

View, save and print all campaign reports. The report archive allows you to refer to them at any time to make better decisions on your email marketing strategy and to refine future campaigns.

Manage your Email Campaigns

Email It! includes many advanced List Management features that help email marketers save time and deploy more effective email campaigns. Our List Management features are designed to allow email marketers to quickly and easily automate the many otherwise laborious tasks needed to deploy an email campaign.

Import / Export Wizard

Getting your data into and out of Email It! is easy. Email It! supports several methods for synchronizing your data. An intuitive import / export wizard makes importing text or Excel files a breeze. You can use our import wizard to import data files that contain multiple columns of data, then match those columns to custom defined columns within the import wizard.

Subscribe & Unsubscribe Management

Email It! features a robust subscribe and unsubscribe management system. Recipients can be unsubscribed either via one-click from the email campaign or via web forms. Web forms can be created using Email Now’s web forms wizard and linked to a client’s website.

List Hygiene Management

Email It! includes an extremely robust and advanced bounce management system. Our bounce management system has the ability to not only determine hard bounce versus soft bounce, but it will also break the bounce down further into 3 different categories allowing you to get a better understanding of your exact bounce activity.

Email It! also includes a feature that will reset a recipient’s bounce count to zero if that person opens or reads a message. This feature is helpful in keeping list churn low by falsely removing recipients due to bounces from a content filter.

HTML Forms Wizard

Email It! allows you to seamlessly integrate forms on your website so you can easily capture client data in real time. Email It! allows you to define any number of custom data profile fields that fit your business needs. You can use our HTML Forms Wizard to generate web forms.

Best Alternative to Mailchimp

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