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Over the years, we have had many successes but our biggest success lies in keeping our customers happy. Apart from this, we have been selected as providers of best email marketing software, praised by many review sites and organisations around the globe. We take pride in building quality email software for our users.

Our joy is in seeing them use what we build and their interactions with the UI. Something that has always brought us success over the past is listening to our customers needs and we do that actively. We believe hearing from them is the best way to continually deliver beautiful software.

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A closer look at our Innovative Email Marketing Software...

  • 100% Deliverability

    Email It sends a lot of emails every month and we fight spam on an active basis. We use techniques that allow you to get 100% deliverability given that you follow our advice. If you listen to us, we help you achieve this. This determines your campaigns ROI.

  • Advanced Automation

    One of the most demanding features in email marketing is automation. Marketing is no longer what it once was. You would need to let the software make choices on your behalf for each individual customer. Setting up Automation allows you to do just that.

  • Powerful Autoresponders

    Autoresponder feature goes hand-in-hand with automation. It allows you to setup sequence of emails that are triggered to sent out upon specific actions of your customers. Our advanced autoresponders allow you to setup powerful mix of marketing tactics.

  • Intuitive Email Designer

    Email design plays a crucial role in converting a lead into your customer. Using our intuitive email designer, you can allow your staff to design professional looking emails with ease. With no necessity of learning a coding language, they can make changes on the go.

  • Value for Money

    ROI is an important metric for us because it helps us determine the value a customer is gaining from using our software. Our software is a great value for money combined with top-notch consultancy services we provide to ensure high ROI for your campaign.


    World-Class Consultancy

    We have experienced email marketers who are able to guide you through every stage of your marketing plan. We will provide you with the best ways to get things done and they will work because we have seen it work for 100s of customers. We work to make you happy.


We help you grow!

Our software is not just about handing you with account details and letting you do it all yourself. Our team will invest on making your business grow. We provide a range of consultancy services at affordable prices so you can see your business grow.

We have helped 100s of businesses in the past and we are very confident we can help you succeed. Talk to our team on where you are at and we will guide you through the rest. We monitor important metrics to help you see the value of our consultancy services to your business.

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