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If you are a Web Designer, Marketer, PR or Advertising Agency, Online Marketing Company or Consultant, then we have a version of Email It! that will give you the tools to simplify your job while collaborating with your clients.

Why choose us?

Great Benefits

  • You set your own prices and make huge profits from our partnership discount offer
  • You have NO Monthly Obligation because you can purchase credits as your clients require
  • We do the hard work and we take care of uptime, security, deliverability, and upgrades
  • You brand the software as per your needs, your logo, your design and your css
  • Customize your customers control panel as per their own requirements
  • All the data you need is available to you. You monitor all the campaigns being sent by your customers
  • We help you every step of the way. Dedicated partner login and fast response times
  • We follow the best practices for server and data security. Your customers data is safe with us
  • Our robust knowledge is freely available to your customers with ability to white label

Increase your revenues

Leave the technology and ISP relationships to us, so you can focus on selling value added services to your clients. Use Email It! at wholesale reseller rates to get your emails sorted and delivered – saving you time and increasing your profit margin.

Viral brand-building effect

The Reseller Editions of Email It! allows you to insert your own logo on the email footer of all outgoing emails, for an extra fee. Thus providing your company (or your clients) with a viral brand-building effect.

PRO Resellers

Create your own accounts

A control panel in your account will allow you to set up your client or project accounts. Give clients access to only see their account information or limit them to only view Reports and Statistics if you are managing the account for them.

Get wholesale pricing

You pay us a discounted rate for sending credits and sell them on to your clients at your prices. You don’t have to worry about hosting, security, DNS, email servers, or anything that comes with running a successful email marketing business since we take care of that for you.

Brand the footer on emails

You can have the right to brand all outgoing footers on each account’s email. Brand them with your company or with your client’s company.



  • Several Sub Users
  • Access Restrictions
  • Multiple Single Account Set Up
  • User Restrictions
  • Account List Restrictions
  • Account Template Restrictions


  • Online Help Desk System
  • Phone Support
  • E-Marketing Newsletters/Articles

Spam Act Compliance

  • Spam Compliant Systems


  • System Interface
  • Email Templates
  • Email Footer removal/Custom Branding
  • Company Login
  • Operate from Custom domain (Eg.


  • Hosted in our Environment (Cloud based)
  • Managed Remotely

Best Alternative to Mailchimp

Do you think Mailchimp offers great features? Then you will love Email It because it offers twice as many great features. Wanna know more, please see this comparison chart proving Email It to be the best alternative solution to Mailchimp.

If you are interested in the Email It! Resellers/Agencies Edition, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly to discuss your specific requirements. You can also view the Reseller Edition features to see if thats what you are after.

Reseller FAQ

Can I private label/white label the solution so my clients only see my companies branding?

Yes absolutely. You can remove references to Email It, add your own branding (name, colors, etc..), set a custom domain name, and much more.

Is there a monthly fee that I will incur?

No, there is no monthly fee involved. Once your account is setup, simply pay for what you use. This works out great because you only pay us a small portion when you receive funds from your clients.

Do you bill my clients for me?

No, you would be responsible for billing your clients. However, we can setup an account on your behalf under your company name.

Can I create trial accounts?

Yes, you can create any number of trial accounts. You can even create test accounts set to expire after a credit exhaust.

Will my users see expiration or billing notices?

No, only you will be notified.

Can I customize the design of the software?

Yes, you can change the core outer layout of the software (HTML) and specify custom CSS classes to be used for the software interface.

Can I resell credit based plans?

Yes. You can purchase credits in bulk (to obtain discounting) and distribute them as you wish to your credit based accounts you manage.

Is there an API for resellers?

Yes, we do offer a robust API that lets you manage your hosted accounts from outside of our Reseller Panel.

Can I see how the reseller panel looks like?

Sure, just fill out the form above requesting for a demo.

Instead of fully rebranding the solution can I co-brand the solution?

Yes. This is a great way to show that your service is a proven solution backed by a leading email marketing company. You can provide added value with personalized support & services to make your unique offering an attractive option.

Will you contact my clients?

No, you actually get to specify a contact email address that we would use per account. So if we have any questions, issues with bounces or abuse, etc.. we would contact only the email you specify.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed when you want to purchase credit.

Can I use a custom domain?

Yes, you can setup a custom domain (using a CNAME DNS record) for your platform. This allows you to let your clients login at something like “”.

Can I resell yearly plans?

Yes. You can set this up through your platform.

Can I login to my clients accounts?

Yes you can.

Is there any way for people to know you are providing the service?

While our software is fully rebrandable there will be some technical things that people could find if they really dug into things. Things such as hosting & mail server IP addresses may trace back to Email It. That would however require a client of yours to do a lot of digging to find such a relation. We also suggest to think of yourself as offering a value added service. Therefore even if you do not private label you can still resell our service (and even charge more) for providing value added services such as personalized support, email template assistance, etc.

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