RSS Feed/Publish

Email It! makes it easy to publish to an RSS feed, or multiple feeds, by merging the technologies of email and RSS. You can create content and publish to both email and RSS using the same interface, giving you ultimate flexibility in publishing content. (What is RSS?).


RSS represents a useful service to a growing number of customers, prospects, and subscribers who want to be notified as soon as new information is available from your company. Examples of information suited for publication to RSS includes:

– News & Press Releases
– Email Newsletter Content
– Daily Blog Entries
– Job Openings
– Regulatory/Technical updates
– Events
– And much more


What is RSS?

RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) technology allows internet users to “subscribe” to websites that provide RSS “feeds”. The RSS feeds provide a list of content, a brief description, and a link to the webpage with the full article. For example, in addition to reading the news headlines via email, you can read the latest news through bookmarks in your web browser or through a RSS reader.


What are Feeds?

Feeds allow you to deliver your message content via RSS. When you are composing a message, you have the option to send it via email, add to a “feed”, or do both.


Why should I have a feed?

– By using RSS, you can repurpose (or “syndicate”) your email content via a separate medium and give your audience another way to receive your message. As such, RSS is a great complement to your email marketing program.
– Also, RSS goes through the web, thus ensuring seamless (and trackable) delivery to your subscribers.
– Create a “feed”, link and promote it on your site, and you’re well on your way towards creating a new communication channel with your audience.


Who should have an RSS Feed?

Sites with frequently refreshing content – news sites, blogs, etc. – will benefit the most from having an RSS feed. If you find that you are publishing an email newsletter once a week (or more), then an RSS feed might make a lot of sense.

RSS is a convenient – often preferred – way to read content that updates frequently. Instead of receiving an email for every update or a few emails with MUCH content, your readers can navigate your RSS feed to select the content that is most interesting to them.


How do I read my RSS Feed?

There are 3 ways you can do this:

Use a piece of software called a Newsreader (or Aggregator) You can use these programs to “subscribe” to feeds. The software will scan the feeds that you have subscribed to and automatically let you know when the sites have updated. Example Newsreaders are FeedDemon (Windows), Bloglines (web-based), and NetNewsWire and Shrook (Mac OS X).

Add it to your personal portal site – such as MyYahoo or MyMSN. Copy your Feed URL and add it as new content to your portal. View your feed through your web browser. Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari both