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We recognize that you will be using our email marketing software for non-profit use and therefore we want to do our part in helping your organisation in any way we can. We want to help you migrate from print newsletters to email, because this will reduce your costs and help magnify your overall effort to communicate with your patrons and membership base.

We offer these prices are a bare loss for us so therefore any sign up for these accounts must be accompanied by a valid non for profit certification that is verifiable by Email It staff. Failure to provide verification will result in immediate termination of the account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my plan anytime I want?

Yes absolutely, you can cancel, upgrade or stop renewing your plan anytime you like. You can do this through our control panel which you will be given access to after the account provisioning process.

Do you have any additional costs?

Yes, we charge $1 per GB for any attachments you send through our system. If you are looking to purchase a warmed up IP from us, it would cost you $30 per IP.

I already have an account…How do I upgrade?

Simply signup for the new plan you want and cancel the old subscription. Make sure you use the same username…so we can allocate the new monthly credit to your existing account. Having trouble with upgrading? Talk to our support team and they will be happy to help.

What happens if I don’t use all my emails in a month?

It wont be carried on to the next month. You will allocated with full credit for the next month. So if you signed up for 5000 emails and used only 4500 of them. In the coming month, you will start with a new set of 5000 emails and the 500 emails you haven’t used wont be carried on. If you want your email credit to carry on, you can Sign up for Non-Expiring credit where your remaining credit will be carried on to the coming months and years.

How many contacts can I have?

You can have unlimited contacts. In other words, we don’t limit you like other email marketing companies as to how many subscribers you can have. We limit you on the true limiting factor which is the amount of emails you can send to all those subscribers in a given time period.

Do you offer free accounts?

No we don’t, but you can signup for a free demo. It allows you to test almost all the features of our email marketing software except the sending functionality.

What currency do you use?

All prices stated on our website are in US dollars unless specifically stated. However, we do accept payments from all major currencies and signups from all countries.

I still have some questions before signing up!

No problem, just fill out this form and we will be more than happy to answer your questions before signing up to any of our plans. If you find yourself a bit confused with the terminology, don’t forget to check out faq section.


Secure Ordering

Our credit card orders are handled by FastSpring, an order processing company that handles sales for thousands of software companies world-wide. We accept most Credit Cards and PayPal.

** Please note that we currently DONOT sell non expiring credit for non-profit organizations but if you are a church organisation, you might qualify for even further discounts, so please contact us for details. The email credits expire monthly and therefore you need to renew your email credits every month and you are always FREE to cancel anytime you like.

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