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Email marketing is not a new concept since many of the biggest companies in the world benefit largely from using email marketing. Its a direct marketing tool that saves companies huge amount of money. Email marketing is highly affordable and very simple, easy to use marketing forms. Here are eight solid reasons on why email marketing works…

Weigh those against the money you are investing with the above plans and you should be able make out the profit…

1. Email Marketing has a broad reach (Greater Audience) – If someone says that they don’t have an email account, they are lieing. In this highly technological world, emails are used by almost every single person and every single business out there who want to succeed in the every competitive business world. Marketers are always trying to find a new way of investment that is low in dollars but high in its yield. So if billions of people have their own email addresses, the only thing that would stop you from promoting your product or service is asking for a simple permission to email them.

2. Email Marketing is proactive – Many businesses tend to promote their business by advertising in the local newspaper, telephone directory, online website directories. This means your potential customers must hopefully end up at your advertised place in the page and look at it to be able to know your products or service. In contrary, an email campaign sent to your customer will get right to them without the guess work and it will lead them to the right page on your website to buy your product right off the shelve.

3. Email Marketing is targeted – Most forms of advertising are based on the concept that if your ad is seen by thousands of people, even though you dont get a single feedback or response from those who have seen your ad, businesses still seem to prefer it. Consider sending a beautiful crafted HTML email campaign regarding your products or service and being able to address each ones tastes. Sending them a right type of email campaign by segmenting your contact list by age, income, time of the year, marital status, geographic location…allows you to do just this by convincing each of them by personalizing your email campaign content just for them. See how effective email marketing can be?

4. Email Marketing provides data –  If you are using an email marketing application like Email It, you are able to see reports details from who opened it to who unsubscribed to your email campaign. You can see who click on what link and at what time. You can dig much more deeper and see who forwarded your emails to whom and how they responded in turn. If you just advertise in newspapers and directories, you barely get any idea of how much exposure you are getting or who is really interested in your offered product/service.

5. Email Marketing allows you to engage with your customers – Its always nice to get immediate response or see your customer’s reaction to a product or service you offer and email marketing helps you doing just that. Email marketing allows you build relationships with a broader sense of prospects by bringing your community together and allows them to share market news you release with each other. Its a great way to engage with them and keep them engaged with your products and service.

6. Email Marketing is less intrusive – Unlike radio commercials and tv ads or especially telemarketing calls (almost every hates it), email marketing doesnt interrupt your customers or client based as they are free to choose when to read and respond to your email campaign. As you send more and more email campaigns at regular pace with solid email campaign content, you will start to see that your customers actually look forward to getting the latest news from your company or updates on your products or services.

7. Email Marketing works – According to the DMA’s research, email marketing generated a return on investment of $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009. This has just kept increasing as more and more technological advanced took place from back in 2009 to 2012 (time of writing). You are very unlikley to find that kind of ROI (Return on Investment) on any other forms of marketing and advertising. That, of course is the best reason out of all the above to hop on board and start using email marketing for your business.

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