How Can Email Marketing Help Boost Ranking of your Website?

Do SEO and email marketing have anything in common? At first glance, these two diverse platforms seem unrelated to each other. But, in real-life, email can help in boosting the SEO and the ranking of your website. You only need the right set of resources to leverage the benefits of the platform to win the trust of your customers. Today, organic SEO and email are two potential ways of driving maximum customers to your website. Whether you’re using send newsletter software or triggering messages on your own, organic SEO will help you reach your marketing goals faster. However, if you’re looking for a direct connection between the two, you might have to face disappointment.  You have to leverage email marketing as a tool to promote the ranking of your website.

How Can Email Marketing Help Boost Ranking of your Website? - Send Newsletter Software

Here are a few ways how email marketing will help boost the ranking of your website.

1) Focus on creating social signals

Believe it or not! The social activity of your link plays a crucial role in deciding the ranking of a website on Google. According to a study, the top 4 ranks of Google are given to websites/links with highest Facebook and Google+ shares. Social sharing and signals have a crucial role in deciding the fate of your site. However, having people to share your social media post is difficult, but if you’re using email to send the links, the task becomes more straightforward. Using the send newsletter software, ask your loyal email subscribers to share the email newsletters on social media websites. Also, you can include a social sharing button in the emails to increase the chances of customer sharing the post.

2) Seek product reviews and recommendations

For retail stores and local businesses, product reviews are a lethal tool as reviews can alter the decision of the customers. The number of reviews affects close to 15% of the local search ranking. As an email marketer, you just need to a link to your business page and urge the customers to rate your business based on their interaction with your brand. Try to get as many testimonials and reviews, and publish it on your homepage. Product reviews will help you increase the SEO and reach of your marketing campaign.

3) Focus on creating meaningful content

For email marketing,  your email list is a reliable tool, which can create an impact on SEO and help you improve the ranking. Focus on carrying out surveys to understand the exact of problematic areas of your customers. You can, later on, tailor the content according to the results and win the trust of your customers. Furthermore, you can create blog posts and include videos to attract the ideal customers to your website. Create content which resonates with the target audience as it will increase the reach of your business. Your send newsletter software is a great way to enhance the ranking when appropriately used with your email marketing campaign. Use the two platforms wisely to see a surge in the number of subscribers and sales figure.