5 Personalization Hacks to Boost the Success

Are you merging the first name of the customer somewhere in the email copy? Do you feel you have successfully achieved personalization – you’re wrong! Not only are you wrong, but you’re probably misunderstanding one of the most potent email conversion tactics – personalization. Today, personalization has leaped forward and is much more than merely using the customer’s name. Even though customers are craving to 1:1 experiences, only a few companies are successfully deploying marketing personalization. Also, much of the success of any marketing email software boils down to making the message relevant to the target audience. Brands that follow the modern day personalization tactics are bound to witness a marked improvement in their revenue.

5 Personalization Hacks to Boost the Success of your Marketing Email Software

Here are a few ways to personalize the message and generate sales.

1) Focus on personalized product recommendations

Today, product recommendations are one of the leading ways to create up-sell opportunities and re-engage the subscribers. But, how frequently do these suggestions resonate with the target audience? Therefore, instead of sending mass emails presenting the same product recommendation to everyone, send emails tailored based on the purchase history of the customers. For example, a customer who recently purchased a smartphone, send product recommendations such as headphones or memory card. Using such product recommendations, you can re-engage the customers and win back defecting buyers. To reach your goals use marketing email software and send useful product recommendations.

2) Nurture the converted customers

In email marketing, nurturing is where true revenue growth comes from. After investing time in acquiring quality leads, it’s time to cultivate the leads. You can nurture the leads and add personalization by commemorating the most important milestones of a customer relationship and brand journey. As a brand when you send vouchers and promotional offers on special occasions, you make your customers feel important. Using these tactics, marketers can nurture the leads in an engaging way and at a highly personal level.

3) Collect as much data as possible

To personalize the emails, you need to know your customers. That means you have to collect data on an ongoing basis. As information rolls in, use the data to build customer persona. The customer persona helps a marketer visualize the real customer regarding age, demographics, location and buying activity. Every new piece of information is likely to strengthen your relationship with the customers.

4) Focus on customized incentives

Incentives and offers are a great way for marketers to drive purchase and re-engage customers who haven’t purchased your brand. However, one-size-fits-all offers will turn away the customers, instead of showing an inclination towards the offer. Also, a customer will become hesitant to pay the full price, if they know there are likely to receive an offer. Therefore, it’s crucial to target every customer individually and let them know that the offers are unique.

5) Highlight self-segmentation

Today, marketing email software are using different email preference center to allow subscribers to select their interest. You can give website visitors the power to join specific newsletters based on their interest.