Our Pricing Details

You must have noticed that we price our plans quite differently from others in our industry. We do this because we realize that every business has different needs and our aim is to satisfy all the businesses that come to us for a solid solution their company can rely on.

Price by Emails

These packages allows you to select a plan by estimating how many emails you would be sending on a monthly basis. You can have UNLIMITED contacts which means you can segment and send your emails as you wish. We are charging you on the basis of emails being sent from your account. This is convenient for some businesses who send small amount of emails to different mailing lists each month.

Pay as you go

These packages allow you to purchase a set number of email credits. You can have UNLIMITED contacts and you will only be charged on the amount of emails being sent. The difference between these packages and price by emails is the expiry of credit. The Pay as you go packages DONOT expire which means your credit stays however long you have an account with us as opposed to price by emails which renew monthly.

You can easily compare the pricing plans and see for yourself who offers the best features. The only reason we are cheap is because we don’t have huge overhead expenses and big flashy buildings with company cars that cost an F-15 fighter plane. We have a small, dedicated team of professionals that are ready to serve your needs and have that one-on-one touch with customers.

So go ahead, sign up for price by emails or pay as you go plan.

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