Offerings of Email Marketing to the Sports Companies

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Email marketing today is a great way to let your thoughts flow and reach the customer in the least possible time. The same applies to the sports industry. The industry is always bubbling with activities and to keep the users engaged you need to send them creative and innovative emails to capture their interest. Sports companies can largely benefit from the email marketing campaign.

So here are few points to keep in mind to increase your scores.

Understand your users and approach them accordingly

You should alter your campaign as per the various segments created in your database according to demographic data (like age, sex, location etc.), behavior (do users open your email, what links do they open) and purchase history.  Carefully created segments can lead to much better response to your emails. Moreover, targeting people customers based on their sports interest is going to increase your customer base further.

Use best catch line

Experts say that you have only 7 seconds to create an  first impression, but when it is about the subject line, you have only 40 to 50 characters to impress your viewers. Attempt to create a sense of importance, use catch words, use subject lines that your viewers can relate to and respond to. Indicate that message is related to their interest. If you have knowledge of their favorite team and you have written about that, let them know!

Personalize it

A Spanish poet once said, words have meaning, but names have power. So, if you know the name of the users, use them. Adding names in the subject line of a marketing email can increase the open rate by up to 14%.

Look for major sporting tournament

Sports event such as Wimbledon, Australian open, Cricket world cup or Euro cup should be time when your campaign should be bustling with activities. Have a plan of action ready before these sporting events to pull and entice customers toward your sports company. Giving promotional discounts or running virtual games in line with the major sports event will help you increase the data base.

Explore the opportunities and every time try out something new to send the sports lover.


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