How to Build Brand Loyalty with Today’s Customer Through Email Marketing

The customer today is empowered and building a brand loyalty is not an effortless task. The customer requires incentive beyond the usual low pricing and promises. And, the fastest way to communicate with the customers is through email and email marketing is thus flourishing even today.  Follow the given equation and you will never complain of loyalty.

Customer happiness = Customer being loyal

Customer being loyal = More publicity and word-to-mouth marketing

1) Change with the trend

Last year, a majority of the customers were buying products online and the offline market was seeing the downfall. But, in 2014 the trend has changed a lot. Customers today look out for options on the internet and buy them from the offshore stores. Therefore, when designing the email marketing campaign, ensure that the bridge between offline and online is minimal. Under-performing in the email campaign can prove disastrous as a customer can shift to the newsletter of the competitors. Send interesting, humorous and thought-proving content in the email to capture the interest of your audience. Change with the changing trend and offer customers the same discount offline, to ensure they remain loyal. Offer them a seamless email marketing experience and build long-term relationship.

 2) Show Concern

An email marketing campaign can be successful you consider offering high quality service. Send out emails at regular interval asking the customers, whether the product needs servicing or not. Status of orders, delay in shipment, tax-charges or receipt of an order are other ways to show your concern to the customers. Many times a customer is hesitant to revert back, if they face an issue. Therefore, take the first step and send out an email. Loyalty does not build by selling the product because research has shown that customers prefer those companies, who’s after sales service and communication is above par. Go that extra mile and connect with the customers.

Email marketing is gaining popularity again and if done correctly, you can reap the fruits of your hard labor from it. Be patient and strategic to achieve the ultimate goal of your business.