How our account provisioning works?

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When your sign up for any of our email plans (monthly plans or non-expiring credit), you will undergo an account provisioning process which may take as little as 15 minutes or couple of hours. It all depends on the number of emails that got through before your sign up and the amount of information you provided to help us ensure you are a credible sender.

When you fail account provision, there is no need fret. It just means that we need to clear up a few things before allocating you with an account. You will have received an email at your registered email address containing information about why you failed your initial provision. Here are some common reasons for initial account provision failure:

Verify Domain Control – We need to verify that you are in control of or are associated with the registered domain. So if you register with a sender email address as “”, we know you don’t run Google or the accounts team there, so will instantly reject your request for an account with that email.

Invalid Domain – If you submit a website which doesn’t exist or contains a splash page, or very minimal content. It makes it impossible for us to ascertain what kind of email you’ll be sending or who you’ll be sending it to. We ask for a website address because it gives us a good base to understand your email marketing needs.

Message Sample – We need an explanation and/or sample of the messages you plan to send through our system. We usually send this response when we find it hard to determine your audiences. Previously, we had customers who had a website with less than 2 page rank having more than 500,000 emails list (very unrealistic).

Different Connections – The address registered for your account is different from where the account was created from. We need to verify that the account was created by someone associated with or contracted by your company.

Duplicate Account – We only allow one account per customer and per domain. This is to avoid scams of having someone else send from your domain address.

Please reply to the account provisioning email from our accounts team, chat with us through skype, or give us a call for more information about how to move forward in the provisioning process and get your Email It account activated. We take all these precautionary steps to prevent abuse on our system and to avoid our existing customer’s deliverability rates.

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