How Manufacturing Companies can Benefit from Email Marketing

Manufacturing industry can make the best use of the email marketing campaigns.  Email is the leading way to keep the client updates with the orders and send them emails regarding new products that the company is going to offer. The major loophole all the manufacturing companies face today is a lack of proper communication. The email marketing campaign can serve a dual purpose of attracting clients and sending confirmation emails to the existing clients. And, with the manufacturing industry growing at a faster pace, email marketing is only going to help them increase their client list in the coming future.

 Product Video

In your email marketing campaign, you can send out product videos to the prospective list of clients. The video should clearly describe the usefulness and the product feature of the product you are offering to them. However, be careful to send the right product video to the prospective client. As sending the wrong video will only make you lose an important client. To ensure 100 percent accuracy, build an email list for different categories of the product. So that whenever a new product comes or there are modification the existing product, you know who all should be informed.

Send 80% information and 20% promotional email

In the manufacturing sector, people are more interested in information related to the products. Therefore, keep in mind to send 80 percent useful information related to the product. Once a week you can send them promotional emails. The useful information can be tips on maintaining the product or how best to use the product to increase its efficiency. You can even talk about the manufacturing industry standard or send out some exciting news related to the manufacturing industry. Therefore, plan your email marketing campaign accordingly if you are in the manufacturing industry.

Interview experts and send the transcription

Once in a while you can interview your industry expert and send a small transcript of the same to the potential clients. This will increase the trust of the clients and they will wait for your newsletter. Moreover, the industry expert tips can go viral and your potential clients through word of mouth generate leads for your business.

Email marketing is a boon for the manufacturing industry and you need to explore it to reap the best results.