How Dog Walkers can Benefit from Email Marketing

Managing the man’s best friend is an essential component for the dog lovers. And, dog owners today are looking for agencies or companies on who can take care of their dearest friend. As a marketer, you need to pitch in the care and there is no better marketing tool than email marketing to convey this message to thousands of dog lovers in your area.

Why traditional marketing is a failure?

Television commercials and newspaper advertisement completely fail to deliver the message of care and compassion the company can provide to the pet dog. Moreover, a majority of the dog walker companies does not use this platform for marketing and as user rarely gets flyers from such companies. Additionally, advertisement through television and newspaper is an extremely costly affair and the results cannot be accurately computed.

Why Email marketing is successful?

Email marketing is the most prominent way to capture the interest of the owners of the four legged animal. You can send emails to these owners regarding the feeding schedule, the walking route for the dog and other ways that your company follows to take care of the dog. With the email newsletter, you can share a plethora of information with the dog owners such as

  • tips on keeping the dog clean
  • fundraisers for homeless dogs
  • adoption method
  • the best breed of dog for their house
  • the vaccination schedule for their best friend
  • dog shows happening in the nearby area, and
  • any information of dogs who are lost in your neighborhood

Sharing this information with the customers will increase your customer base as more dog owners would subscribe to the newsletter. When customers are getting all the relevant information in one newsletter, it is likely that they will remain loyal to your dog walker company forever. And, always remember, that a happy customer always spreads the word to others. Therefore, you can flourish and prosper in the dog walker business using email marketing.

The results of the email marketing should be documented and any deviation from the expected result should be taken care of immediately. Design an effective email marketing campaign for the man’s best friend.