Great new features

1) Reputation Monitoring – Each account on our new platform now has reputation monitoring enabled. When we provide you with an account, you start off with 100% of good reputation (Green bar). As you start to send email campaigns, we measure how many bounces, spam reports and dropped emails you have. These will determine the reputation. You can read more about it here.

2) Invalid Emails Removal – Our customers found that their delivery was affected because they sent emails to “dead” domains. To fix this problem, we have implemented a new function which scans every single email that is being imported. If the domain is invalid (Eg., the email following it will not be imported at all. This is a very useful feature to keep your reputation high and higher deliverability rates.

3) Faster sending rate – Nearly all of our customers will benefit from faster delivery times because the email generated at much faster rate and sent as soon as it gets processed. You will be able to achieve greater open rates because it will be much closer to the time you’ve wanted it arrived in your customer’s inbox.

4) Extensive Reporting – If you head down to the reports section, you will see more extensive reports. They show you exactly what happened to each and every single email. You can see if the emails have been dropped, bounced or reported as spam. You will also get existing statistics from before such as open and click rate.

5) Greater Deliverability – Since we are able to monitor all our customers reputation, we can segregate the customers who send very high quality email campaigns to those that don’t. This will improve your the deliverability rates and thereby the open rates. If you are a good sender, you will enjoy your emails being sent from the same IP that other customers with good reputation use.