Email Marketing a Lethal Tool to Drive Donations

The ultimate way for the non-profit organizations to drive in new donations is landing directly in the inbox of the customers and people. According to surveys, email marketing yields the highest ROI, especially for the non-profit organizations. Through an authentic and well-drafted email you can target a large mass and you will be surprised at the number of responses you receive for the same. People consider donations and charity as holy, all you need it to trigger the hearts of the potential customers. The following strategy will help you achieve overwhelming response.

 1) Keep it crisp

In the fast moving world, people are extremely busy and long mail are least preferred at the end of an extremely tiring day. Therefore, the key to success is to keep the short and highlight main points, give enough white spaces to make the content look more readable and appealing to the customers.

2) Segregate your list

Never send the same email to the top donors and contributors. Draft a separate mail to the privileged customers and provide them with some amazing offers. You can invite them to any event, which your organization is a part of. This will increase your relationship with them.

3) Update regularly

Your customers are waiting for your email. Therefore, be consistent with the mails and send them regularly. If you are sending it weekly, make sure your customers receive the mail every week. This is a great way to engage with them and drive in more donations for the organization.

 4) Be Interactive

Everyone knows that email is a one way communication, but you can easily draft an interactive email by providing links to the Facebook page or twitter where the customers can share their views and interact with other donors on the board. And, always remember, NEVER ASK DONATION ON THE EMAIL, instead send valuable information and instigate them to donate on their own. Engaging and interesting emails are loved by everyone and this is the key to driving a higher donation.