Mini/Micro Sites


Email It! allows you to create a microsite for storing your newsletters, stories and even creating custom launch page with your own unique URL.


Microsites are highly focused mini Web sites within larger ones that encourage consumers to create and organise their own content. In using a microsite in tandem with an e-newsletter to manage information and its flow, we have an opportunity to build personal brands that are customised to the needs and wants of individual customers.


A microsite, if used to its full potential, can provide you with a tremendous opportunity to get your newsletter subscribers to move closer toward a buying decision or next level of the sales cycle. A true microsite is multilayered, has more depth, and can be thought of as a launching pad for myriad marketing opportunities. Beyond just a companion for your newsletter, it can be a doorway for search engines, a marketing site for newsletter campaigns, or a targeted site for brands, products, and services.