Email Marketing Software


Easy Email Marketing for your Product or Service

Do you have something to sell, a cause to promote, a service to provide? Do you need an email marketing platform that allows you to do more than just send emails? Do you want to create quality, eye-popping emails that work, save time and save money. Then Email It is for you. Get your message out to the masses.


Great Prices

We have lowest prices in the industry for the amount of features we offer. We have various packages that allow you to choose by subscribers you have, emails you want to send or email credits you would like to purchase in bulk to lock in further savings.


Social Media Links

Add facebook, twitter, google plus one and many more to your email marketing campaigns. The facebook and twitter integration goes all the way to publishing a unique link on your wall or profile for your audience.


Live Support

Get free, friendly help when you need it via email or chat. Just leave a support request and we will get to it right away. We even perform tasks for you if you get yourself stuck somewhere. Our friendly team is always on the job.


Secure Storage

Upload, manage and protect your contact lists, images and media files. Our facility is tightly secured, encrypted and stored away on offsite backup server. If disaster strikes…we are ready for it.


Intutive Editor

Ever used Microsoft Word or Excel…our editor is just as simple as that. Do keep in mind that our editor can be switched to code mode which allows advanced users to modify the HTML content of their email campaigns for great flexibility.


Highest Deliverability

What makes us different from regular email sending through your free email service provider is the fact that we can get your mail right inside the recipients inbox. Given that you follow the rules of anti-spamming…your email campaign will surely achieve highest deliverability rates.


HTML Email Templates

Choose from a range of great email templates. Each of them have been classified according to various styles. Whether you are looking for a simple clean layout or a complex highly personalized email…you will always find a templates that’s just right for your needs.


Real-Time Metrics

Your email campaign analytical reports on opens, click-throughs, forwards and more are available right from the time you initiate the sending job.


Create HTML email marketing campaigns

– Our email marketing features gives you everything you need to make your emails professional and effective
– Our email campaigns are crafted perfectly to impress…there are dozens of professional, stunning email newsletter templates for you to choose from
– You have a great email campaign but what about the mailing list. Our email list management tools are flexible, practical and easy to use.
– We’ve got highest email delivery rates. This means a bigger audience and a straight shot to the inbox of your customers.
– Award winning email tracking and reporting panel allows you to check who opened, when they opened, what they clicked on and if they forwarded your email campaign around.
– A dedicated support team that is ready to stretch its helping hands to help you deliver flawless email campaigns every single time.