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Comprehensive Reporting

Unlike traditional methods of marketing, email marketing allows you to track how your campaign is doing. Statistics like how many people opened your email, how many times they have opened your email, what they clicked, and how many times they clicked on that link are some of the statistics readily made available for you to use.

Every email campaign that you send, Email It allows you to review their reports, monitor the subscriber growth, the various trends and more right from your dashboard.

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Some of the features in our Analytics and Reporting ...

  • Opens Overview

    Monitor how many people opened your email campaign displayed through the use of interactive graphs. It gives you a broad picture that your marketing team would love.

  • Interactions Overview

    Interactions overview condenses the data revealing who clicked on the link within your email campaign, how many times they clicked, click trend and much more.

  • Bounced and Unsubscribed

    See which email addresses have bounced and why they have bounced. We’ll automatically determine whether its good to retry or best to avoid sending to those bad emails.

  • Location Data

    Allows you to see where in the world your subscribers are located and track their engagement by the country they live in. You can use this to adjust your segments and content.


Interaction Data

Interactions are crucial to monitor because they tell you what worked and what didn’t. Most businesses monitor the number of opens but fail to see other data such as the click rate, the trend of your subscribers in the list, their interest, their conversion into customers and more.

Email It allows you to see engagement based on their location and what subscribers are interested in. These interactions help predict your customer behaviour and understand them better. Understanding them better always helps in personalising campaigns accordingly.

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Real-time Performance

Real-time Performance was one the key features we focused on. It puts a huge load on our servers but we made it a reality. We want to bring our customers the most up-to-date data as it comes in. All of our statistics from the number of opens to the number of clicks are in real-time.

You get real-time updates which lets you to make real-time decisions for your business. It also helps in sending an effective A/B testing campaign. You can also create marketing automation that reflects the choices of your subscribers.

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Regional Data

Regional data is crucial for businesses serving the global markets. Each market is very different to the other and having location data improves your chances of target markets based on their location. A good example is when you want to offer special discount to subscribers near a specific store while keeping the price same for all other stores.

You can use the regional data to drill down, form segments, and send emails to those segments. This enables you to target your customers by adjusting your content based on their engagements in these regions.

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