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Whether you are looking for an easy-to-use email designer or trying to get your email campaign in the inbox as opposed to the spam folder, we got you covered. Our email marketing solution is feature packed. Our email designer has full drag n drop capabilities which make designing beautiful campaigns an easy task.

We provide advanced email marketing automatons that allow you to target customer segments of your choice and increase your return on investments. Powerful analytics allow you to gain rich insight into your customer behaviour which you can then use to for automating behavioural targeting.

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Our Feature-Packed Beautiful Email Marketing Software

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Why you should choose us?

Apart from 100s of reasons to choose us, here are some that we think are quite important to provide our customers. We provide a great intuitive subscriber management console allowing you to maintain a healthy list. Our customer service record is excellent so you know we are here for you and we mean it. Our email template designer is continually improved on a daily basis allowing you to send out those beautiful email campaigns.

We know how important customer data can be so we go beyond our way to protect your important data. We take the trust you place in us very seriously. An email marketing solution is not complete without clear reporting. We not only track your messages accurately but integrate data from other platforms to base your business decisions on. We hope you are convinced.

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