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This site offers news, case studies, and best practices data about Internet and integrated marketing for advertising, marketing and PR professionals.

Marketing Concepts and Strategies: Expert Articles and Commentaries all related to email marketing.

Email Marketing Report
Find resources on permission email marketing and more.

Web’s largest source of key information about doing business on the Net -with over 2,200 pages and 16,000+ links to resources.

Connect with low cost tools and know how and blog.

Online Marketing website and blog.

Great big ole online marketing site!


Design / Branding

Email Creative Checklist
Create an effective email design to enhance your email message with tips from Jeanne Jennings.

Branding Your Emails, Part 2: Find Brand Loyalty Close to Home
Martin Lindstrom shows that giving your email communications a local voice helps build greater brand loyalty.


List Management

Segmentation Secrets
Optimize your personalized email communication. Kathleen Goodwin has tips on segmenting your newsletter subscriber list to give your recipients emails they value.

Six Ways To Grow a Subscriber List
Whether you’ve already published a newsletter or are starting from scratch, you’d like to see your subscriber list grow. More tips and tricks from Kathleen Goodwing.



Excess Voice
Nick Usborne’s online copywriting website.

Powerful Sender and Subject Lines
Paul Soltoff is back with more techniques on getting your emails opened by optimizing sender and subject lines.

Copywriting and tips for online conversion.

The Long and Short of It
Paul Soltoff explains which copy length works best in your email messages.