Email Marketing is known for being the most effective direct marketing tool. It has the power to generate high ROI by interacting individually with your customers in their convenient time to take action.

While email marketing is effective, we believe it doesn’t have to be expensive. We cater for all from the individuals who want to touch base with their interest group to multinationals who want to target millions of customers at a time. Please select the pricing that suits your needs.

Flexible set of pricing to choose from...



Monthly Plans

Perfect if you know exactly how many emails you will be sending. We charge you flat rate every month and you can stay in touch with your customers. Ideal for sending regular newsletters.[/csp_one_third] [csp_one_third]

Yearly Plans

Great for companies who are established in their industry and want to save money, our yearly plans allow you to prepay for the whole year. You can upgrade/downgrade all through the year as per your needs. [/csp_one_third] [csp_one_third]

Pay as you Go

For those wanting to send occasional emails time to time and don’t like the idea of ongoing charges, pay as you go allows you to top up and start sending when you need to. Buy as much or as little as you want. [/csp_one_third]