Email Design Features

Email Design Wizard

We have dozens of beautiful, industry-specific Email Templates for you to Choose from. Using Email Template is a great way to get started as it saves you a lot of work on the guess work (how it will look in different email clients used by your contacts). Each one of our templates have been tested and crafted with right code to make it look as you see it on your screen in all the major email clients.


Easy WYSIWYG Editor

Ever used Word before? If the answer is yes, you will still find this just as easy to use with our What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor. With just a click of a button you can make your email campaign look just the way you want. It has the basic buttons like bold, italics, underline and more advanced functions like editing HTML code, and fiddling around with formatting techniques.


Personalise Email Campaign

Sending your email campaign personally to all your 100,000 contacts will take a long time but with our email platform, you will able to customize every part of your email. You can customize each email you send by their name and add other custom fields like age, sex, company name. It works similar to mail merge in Microsoft Word!


Inbox Preview

Being able to see what your email campaign will look like in a popular email client is a tough job. We took the hassle out by adding specific rules which we know will conflict with other email clients like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. These rules are regularly updated so you can instantly rectify the problem without having to sending multiple test emails.


Use your Existing Template

If you already have an existing email template, you can easily import it using our import function and make your template editable. This allows you to construct your design on an existing template rather than using a brand new one, saving you time and money. All your image files are hosted on our secure server and we don’t charge you a penny for it. We are pretty generous in this field until we find a weird looking Microsoft Office file in there.


Dedicated Image Manager

We know that designing a beautiful email campaign takes time and effort. We don’t want to waste these precious elements by not allowing inline images. So we created a dedicated image manager that lets you manage all your images from one place. You can easily click and rename files as you like and use any of those images in your email campaigns.


Send Test Email

You can have a preview of your e-mail sent to you before the actual mailing. You can enter as many receivers as you like in the settings of your account for the test mailing. Select users for the test mailing, who are to receive a preview of your email. In this way you can see exactly how your email looks in your local mail client and proofread to make sure everything is right before you send to your main list.