Contact Management Features

Manage Subscribers

You can view individual details for each subscriber. See their subscription history, actions they have taken (links clicked, campaigns they opened, etc..), campaigns they have received, campaigns that will send to them in the future, and more.


Import Contacts

You can import subscriber emails, names, and virtually any type of custom fields (Import things like birthdays, country, age, purchase histories, and virtually any other type of data you wish to import..). You can import from Highrise, Salesforce, CSV file or XML file.


Custom Fields

You can store & manage any type of subscription data. You can create custom fields to store subscriber data such as drop downs, text fields, radio buttons, and more. Personalize campaigns or segment your lists based on this data and send more personalised emails.


Subscription Forms

Create a newsletter registration form for your web page in two minutes. The design can be adapted individually. Specify which data you would like to query (e.g. Address, last name, etc.). Our form works exclusively with the reliable Double-Opt-In procedure. You can use the code generated from your control panel to copy and paste to your website. We will automatically verify the email addresses and add them to your mailing list.


Segment Subscribers

Segment your subscribers in groups according to specific criteria. You have the possibility of filtering for arbitrary receiver information, can save this selection as a segment and send a campaign exclusively to this target group. For example, create a segment with all receivers, who have their birthday on the current date. Or filter for all receivers, who have bought a certain product in your online shop.