Building Trust in Email Marketing

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Many a times, when sending email to your current and potential readers, you need to remember that you need to suppress your urge of selling. Today, building trust and respecting the choice of your readers is essential. Sadly, many spammers have already infiltrated the minds of the readers by sending irrelevant messages. Therefore, you need to win the trust of your subscribers before you can urge the readers to buy your products. No email marketing campaign can become successful, if you fail to build trust. Here are a few effective ways of piquing the interest of the target readers.

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Focus on including contact details in your email footer

According to the Spam act requirement, you need to have your full contact details in your email footer. You need to be accountable for every message, you send to the readers. You need to put the name of an actual contact person, so that the readers can connect with them. Email messages sent without the contact information are not reliable and readers are never able to trust your brand and organization. Therefore, include correct and proper information in all your newsletters.


Every time you send out an email newsletter, you are educating the readers about your business and building trust in your product and services. Newsletters are a great way to engage the readers and connect with readers. Focus on sharing informative and useful content, according to the requirement of the target audience. You need to educate the readers about your new discoveries, and recent changes in your brand. Unless, you send meaningful, and interesting content, readers are less likely to engage in your email marketing.

Encourage feedbacks

Feedbacks are a great way to tweak changes in the email marketing campaign. You need to respond to such feedbacks in a timely manner because positive human interaction is a great way to build trust. Marketers who don’t focus on replying to the feedbacks are never able to win the trust of the readers.

Focus on creating an email marketing campaign that delivers value and enhances your trust with the readers.

How to Create Lasting Impression with Email Marketing?

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Most retailers and business owners are aware of the extremely slow economy and looking for email marketing to acquire customers. Marketers today are focusing on leveraging welcome emails for customer acquisition, increased customer engagement and conversion. If you’re unsuccessful in sending welcome messages within 24 hours, you will probably lose out on essential customers. Creating lasting impression is the minds of the readers is essential to build long term relationship. Here are a few ways of increasing customer attention.


Best impression starts with a Thank You message

It’s an extremely common courtesy to say ‘Thank You’ to someone you have recently met and the same rule holds true for email marketing. You need to show your appreciation with a thank you message to ensure a great start with the subscribers. Marketers who fail to send such messages often are incapable of building a strong relationship. Unless, you acknowledge the presence of your readers, they are less likely to engage with your content and marketing efforts.

Take customer engagement seriously

More than 40% marketers are not engaging with the readers, even with 48 hours of customer subscribing. You need to understand that customers will forget about signing up for your newsletter, if you don’t send messages within 48 hours. You should improve your email marketing processes to engage the new subscribers. Customer will engage when the brand is fresh in their mind. Send a welcome message as soon as the customer provides their email address. Your task does not end with customer acquisition, you need to engage the potential readers to win their trust and ensure long term revenue.

Deliverability is essential

When messages reach the spam folders, it adversely affects the deliverability rate, which damages the reputation and image of your brand. Focus on using personalization tactics such as past purchase behavior, demographic identifier and age group to send meaningful and interesting messages. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a strong email deliverability rate to connect easily with the target audience. This will also ensure that a majority of your messages reaches the inbox of the target audience.


Email Marketing Tips Driving Readers to Action

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Email marketing actually works, even when it’s the first forms of digital marketing. It still remains an effective medium that produced tangible results and ensure high customer engagement. Today, marketers find it difficult to withhold the attention of the readers because every customer is bombarded with hundreds of emails on a daily basis. Here are a few contemporary ways of increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

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Know your customer behavior

Analyze the weekly or monthly email activity of your customers to understand their action and preferences. Without understanding the requirement and the mindset of the customers, delivering the desired email marketing campaign is impossible. Study in-depth and understand the reasons triggering a particular customer action. You can use A/B testing and heat maps to learn what works with your target audience. No marketing campaign can become successful, if you fail to know your customers.

Combine social media with email marketing

Many marketers use the social sharing icons in their email messages and relax. Undoubtedly, it leads to 115% higher click through rate, but you now need to integrate social media with email marketing. Start by using social media to increase your mailing list. On your social media homepage, remember to create a signup tab, every time you post an update. Additionally, offer sneak peeks into exclusive email newsletter to pique the interest of the social followers. You can even use email marketing to grow your social media followers as it works both the ways. Leverage the effectiveness of social media and email marketing to reach your target audience.

Retarget emails based on customer activity

Many customers abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase or leave an incomplete registration form. Send out trigger email messages within an hour of action and clearly outline the action you expect the customer to take. However, never include any freebie or discount coupon in your retargeting email message. If your first retargeting message does not receive a response, send the freebie in the next message. You need to send typically three email messages to attract the attention of the customer to a triggered event.

How to Use Email Marketing to Drive Social Engagement?

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Email marketing remains one of the most fantastic way to communicate with the target audience. The platform is extremely cost effective as it requires no monetary investment and its effectiveness to grow as you rope in more subscribers. However, the real power of email marketing is its ability to integrate with different marketing platforms. You can easily showcase your content to a plethora of social media audience with email marketing. Here are a few ways to leverage the effectiveness of email marketing campaign to drive social engagement.

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Embed featured posts

Interesting and eye catching content is definitely shareable irrespective of the core purpose of your email blast. You need to create such content to ensure a top performing campaigns. Such good quality content easily goes viral on social media provided you have used the social share buttons in the email message. Include the social share buttons either in the header or footer of your email template. When you use the social share icons throughout, your users can share snippet of content immediately. The more your content is shared, the better your featured posts will perform. Focus on creating high quality content to attract the target audience.

Send offers that can be shared

Undoubtedly, exclusive offers for email recipient is a great way to increase customer base, but if you want to make most of the offers, you should allow your recipients to share it with their social followings. You will definitely gain visibility across multiple platforms. Your readers are likely to share such messages as they will want to gain some brownie points from their friends and family members. Focus on escalating the objective value of your offer to increase sales. Offers are definitely loved by people and some very good offers are shared between friends on social media platforms. Focus on using email marketing to send irresistible offers to the target audience.

Announce contests

Contests are a powerful form to increase social media engagement and email blasts help in increasing the email subscribers. A meaningful contest announced over email will ensure that customers share it with their friends and followers. And, when the contest is over, announce the winner over email to tell the subscribers the benefit of being an active member.

3 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

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You should be aware about some of the deadly sins for avoiding moral pitfalls, including envy, greed and sloth. Once you fall in any of these pitfalls, your email marketing goes for a toss and bringing it back on track becomes very difficult. As a marketer, you need to invest in reaching out to the potential customers, and mistakes can cause hurdle in your email marketing campaign. Without understanding the email marketing platform, sending messages is a waste as it will reach the spam folder. Here are a few ways of avoiding email marketing sins.

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Sin #1:  Disappearing after sending welcome messages

Many content marketers automated their welcome message for the new subscribers, but forget to send messages after the welcome message. Disappearing after sending the first message is not acceptable because readers forget about your brand. Some marketers, do not understand what they want to send, and others fear that they will irritate the readers by sending messages constantly. Email silence can result in failure and you miss on a huge opportunity to bond effectively with the target audience. Send messages at a regular interval of time to attract the potential readers.

Sin#2: Under promoting or over promoting

If you send too many promotional messages to the customers, your subscribers can become annoyed and are less likely to buy from your company. And, if you fail to send any promotional messages, your readers will take your brand for granted. Over promotion and under promotion are deadly sins that can affect your email marketing campaign. Send relevant messages in a timely manner to the target audience to build their trust. No email marketing campaign can become successful because of both under promoting and over promoting.

Sin#3: Sending boring content

Dull and boring emails are the ultimate sins and your subscribers probably receive tons of such email messages. Moreover, boring messages are lost in the inbox and readers hardly read such messages. Therefore, focus on sharing useful and informative content.

Avoid these sins for a successful email marketing campaign.

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