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Email Marketing

If you are still into the email marketing solution program that involves merely in sending out sales content to a predetermined list of subscribers, then trust me you are missing out a chunk of the medium’s potential. The theory is based on two basics. One is the timing which should be as precise as possible and the other is the content based on data.

Both should perfectly match and behave accordingly with the marketing automation software to get the success of the approach. Writing better emails at work has significance for all types if business. The best industrial email marketing messages should be written in a standard, generic, corporate way, rather than putting it into an individual, one-to-one manner.

1. Get to the point.

Usually no one has so much spare time to waste, in reading an unstructured mail. So, getting right to the point, from the very beginning itself, benefits the recipient in a great way.

2. Always try to include one big idea to make the mail more appealing.

Often email marketers focus on several points with an effort to cover numerous bases. It is advisable to include one big idea to support your marketing strategy rather than making it confusing.

3. Always try to include clear ideas while drafting a mail.

Statements can be more appealing rather than open-ended questions, like “What do you think?” or “Is it going to help you?”

4. Be generous while you are sending emails.

Don’t always think of self serving or how is it helping you. Sometimes pay some regard to useful information even if it would not help you in any way. For instance, you can send emails on birthdays or anniversaries.

5. Be specific and respectful while sending Email.

This means just stop sending emails like bombarding the subscribers with unnecessary content which takes into account your subscribers’ busy schedules. So make sure that your subscribers’ should get focused, specific respectful and truthful mail from you.

6. Show your humanity.

The message you send should have a personal touch and a real humanity feeling. You will get a good mileage through showing humanity in email marketing messages. You will get a good response while the email copywriting is one to one person rather than addressing to a chunk of the crowd.

7. Be specific to your prospective subscriber or customer

Tell them directly what you need without beating around the bush. Do not include any offer because no one has to bother about your offer. An immediate crystal clear statement is expected to work better.

WordPress + Email It – Direct Synchronisation Plugin

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Synchronise wordpress users into your Email It email marketing account. Synchronise user by role and You can also specify the mailing list and custom fields you have on your Email It platform.

Connect your Email It Remote application with Authentication tab. Set field and list from Synchronisation settings tab. Synchronise current user by ‘Synchronise Now’ button. By enabling Auto Synchronise checkbox, keep live update to remote server while user added/edited or deleted.

1) Activate the plugin

2) Navigate to Settings –> EmailIt. Type in the URL of your Email It account, username and password. Then click, Save!

3) Once you see the success message that plugin has connected. Navigate to “Synchronise Settings” tab and Make adjustments as you desire.



Adding existing subscribers to your mailing list(s)

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So now that you’ve managed to create a mailing list through our last tutorial…you want to know how to add new subscribers or existing ones from other services you use. This guide will help you do just that.

After creating a new list, you are presented with option to add new subscribers by importing or adding one by one manually. If you didn’t choose either of those options, don’t worry…we can still get back to those links.

1) Click on “Subscribers” tab from the top menu.

2) Once the page is loaded…choose “Import Subscribers” or “Add subscriber” from the menu to the right of your screen. If you want to add subscriber on by one, you can choose “Add Subscriber” but if you want to import large number of contacts…go for “Import Contacts”.

3) If you have choose “Add Subscriber”…its as simple as typing in their first name, last name, email address and clicking the “Add” button. In this tutorial, We are going to choose import option to demonstrate the various possibilities.

As you can see from the screenshot below…there are three options for importing.

1) A File – This option allows you to select a file (can be CSV, XML or TXT) and map the fields (First name, last name, email address) to appropriate fields configured within the system.

2) Copy/Paste – If you have a small list, you can copy and paste all the email addresses into the text-box and the system will import the subscribers accordingly.

3) An External Service – If you have contacts in other services you use…we can import them securely into the list you desire.  We currently support a lot of external services including Google Contacts, Google Docs, Capsule, Freshbooks, Highrise, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, ZOHO Crm, Tactile CRM, Batchbook, and Heap.


Setting up mailing list(s)

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Before adding your contacts that you would like to email…you need a mailing list to put them under. To create a list, its quite simple…just follow the steps below. We are assuming you have already logged into your account or else please login by click the “Login” button on top right hand corner.

1) Click on “Create a list” from getting started tab or from the “Lists” menu at the top and then “Add New List

2) Just type in the desired name that you would like to give to your new list.

3) You can fill out the “Sender’s information” and “Add” button to create a new list.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a new list. Once you click add, you will be presented with an options to add subscribers. Before adding subscribers, We would like to run through “Advanced Settings” located under “Name of List” section.


Creating a Contact List

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Once you get allocated an account with us…the very first thing you want to do (After changing your default password and editing your profile) is to create a contact list. A Contact List is kind of like an Address book. Its a list where all the contacts belonging to a group are stored. You can have as many contact lists as you want. For example, we have two contact lists for Email It users. One list is holding all the contact details for Email It paid users and another for all the free users.

Why have Multiple contact lists?

Well, its purely for segregation purpose. You can have all the contacts in one single contact list. As per our previous example, we can have all the email it users in one contact list and we can use “Custom Fields” to separate out the paid users from free ones. Some of Email It users seems to have them to avoid confusion. For example in a church you might have youth group contacts and elder contacts. The elders undertaking youth group might be in both the lists and since you cannot have same email with different custom field values, you are better off having a contact list.

How to create a Contact List?

In short, you can click on “Contact Lists” –> “Create a Contact List” –> Fill in the required details –> “Create”

But for those who want to know about each and every field listed in the wizard, please read along…


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