Grow your Ecommerce Business With Email Marketing

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Despite many years of prediction that email marketing will soon fade, the day is yet to arrive. Time and again marketers have stressed upon the importance of the platform as it helps in connecting with the target audience and results in the highest ROI. In fact, email marketing still remains one of the most essential and effective tool in reaching the target audience. Ecommerce business can utilize the effectiveness of this tool and make improvements in your marketing method. Here are a few ways of growing your business using email marketing.

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Email should come from a real person

According to a research, more than 64 percent of the readers open their email message only when the sender is a real person. Messages from ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’ are rarely read by the readers. And, such messages usually find their way in the trash folder. You need to understand that no one likes to receive messages from such email addresses. So, your next email marketing campaign, should come from either a member of your customer service team or marketing team. Your ecommerce business strives on email marketing, and you should not leave any stone unturned.

Mobile friendly messages

More than 70% people delete messages, if the email doesn’t display correctly on their mobile. Well! This number should force you to consider optimizing the messages for all mobile platforms. Single column designs work well with vertical scroll. Additionally, remember to include a plethora of white spaces for easy scanning. Most readers today scan the messages before reading it until the end. Make sure that the CTA buttons are easily clickable and tapped. Focus on using at least 44 pixels squared CTA for better results. Moreover, emails with a responsive design garners more than 55% higher click rate. As an ecommerce business, you’re missing out on potential opportunities to connect with the target audience.

Be succinct and give your readers a chance to read and learn. Find out the best time to reach your target audience for best results. No email marketing campaign is complete without your hard work.

Email Marketing Essentials For Small Business Owners

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More than 100 billion email messages are exchanged on a regular basis. How do you separate and distinguish your messages? Making a difference in the inbox is extremely essential for the readers to read your emails. Intriguing headlines and compelling copy are required to attract the attention of the target audience. And, as a small business owner, you need to send relevant messages otherwise, readers will completely overlook the content you’re sharing thereby ruining the email marketing campaign. Here are a few tactics to stand out and reach the hearts of your target audience.

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Vague and short headlines attract attention

When it comes to email marketing, short and vague headlines have one objective – get the recipient to open the message. But, it’s definitely not an easy task. The industry average open rate is between 15 to 25%, which means that only one in every 4 email messages are opened by the readers. Therefore, optimizing your headlines is essential to ensure that your messages are read by the target audience. When crafting messages, focus on creating vague and short headlines as it piques the interest of the target readers. One of the best subject lines in the history of email marketing was during the presidential campaign of Obama, which generated $690 million online. The subject was ‘Hey’, the reason it tweaked interest in the audience was that customers usually open messages from friends and family members. The email headline tweaked similar interest, resulting in a successful email marketing campaign.

Focus on content with promotional offers

If your email marketing is all about ‘sell sell and sell’, you’re going to lose out potential subscribers. They are going to get bored of your offers and eventually leave your marketing campaign. As a small business owner, understand that keeping an existing customer is cheaper than acquiring the new subscribers. Focus on mixing curated content with your sales content and send it to the target audience. Make education a priority over the sales message as most brand send messages, constantly urging the readers to make a purchase.

Focus on these email marketing essentials to reach the target audience.

Marketing Tips for B2B Newsletter

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The significance of email marketing can never be overlooked because it’s one of the most essential form of marketing. It begins with highest overall ROI and is a leading platform for generating leads. And, according to a research, more than 57% marketers agreed to increase their marketing budget for the upcoming year. Newsletters are the leading way to send the information and more than 74 percent of marketers use newsletter to reach out to their audience. However, you need to focus on the following tips before you send B2B newsletters.

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Don’t overboard the customers with selling

Your newsletters should not sell directly anything to your prospects, instead you should focus on sharing useful information with the readers without worrying about the sales. Obviously, decision makers are not going to take any big business decision on the basis of a single email message. However, when the messages are conveyed properly, it helps in titling the decision in your favor. You need to strive to educate the readers rather than pushing them to buy. Never force anything upon your readers and keep sending relevant information to the target audience.

Improve your design

A great email design plays an important role in increasing the open and open click rates. Your email design should complement the content and your buyer’s persona. Additionally, the graphics and photos should attract and engage the readers. Your CTA should be visible and actionable, only then your design will have a meaning.  You can even tailor the design according to the preference of your target audience. Focus on using clear headers, vertical formats, short line length, short paragraphs, and white spaces to enhance the readability.

Optimize based on the customer behavior

Focus on measuring how people respond to your newsletter, what draws their attention, and how much time they spend on reading your newsletter. Once you have these details, start testing different variations to further understand the customer behavior. Try changing the position of your CTA, color, shape or text to enhance the click through rate.

No email marketing campaign can flourish, if you don’t focus on crafting an authentic newsletter.

How Musicians can Benefit From Email Marketing?

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If you’re looking to make music more than just a hobby, you need to share your work with potential clients and existing fans. Email marketing is definitely a great way to reach a broader audience and ensure your aspirations reach its destination. Whoever told you that music and business, don’t mix with each other was wrong. You can effectively market your skills and music to your target audience using email marketing. As a musician, it will become very easy to interact and engage the audience using email marketing. Focus on creating an email marketing campaign that attracts the potential listener and your music reaches the right set of audience. Here are a few ways to increase your fan base.


Awesome website

You can’t simply upload your music anywhere and send the link to your target audience. Your listeners should be able to find the music at a single location and a website is a great place. When your popularity will increase, readers are more likely to visit the website for updates. Additionally, it helps mine emails and you can collect the email addresses easily. Focus on placing a sign up form on your website for the readers to subscribe and receive information about your music. Without a website, you will definitely be missing out on people who are really interested in your music.

Use a call to action

An email cluttering the inbox is a waste because without a purpose, customers are less likely to read the email messages. You want your readers to register on your website, share your music and buy. For that you need to have a strong call to action button in place. Ensure a high open rate by providing intriguing subject lines and deliver the promises you make to the reader. Without a call to action, your email message will get lost in the inbox.

Focus on social media

Any email marketing campaign can benefit from social media as it’s a great way to get in touch with influencers and people who have a lot of followers on social media. Focus on including the URL of your website and email address to attract the potential readers.

How Every Business can Benefit from Email Marketing?

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When you send a message to your readers, you want it to arrive in the inbox, get viewed by the readers, and inspire some sort of action or another. Whether you want the readers to click the CTA or download an attachment, making the email marketing effective is essential to engage the readers. Without proper content, reaching out to the potential customers will become extremely difficult. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that can help every business increase their ROI.



Without using white spaces, you cannot emphasize on the importance of your content as cluttered messages and emails are rarely read by the readers. Additionally, focus on using a responsive template because a majority of the messages today are being read on a mobile device. Such templates ensure that the email message remains attractive across multiple platforms.

As far as possible, focus on using single column design as it improves readability across both desktops and mobile platforms. The best way to reach the inbox of the readers is sticking to a single layout.

Email widths under 650 pixels are received well by users because large emails require side-to-side scrolling, which can hamper the concentration and interested of the customer. Focus on following only the best practices to reach the target audience and engage them with useful and meaningful content.

Moreover, add social media buttons to encourage message sharing and attracting people beyond your current network. When customers share your messages, it creates a different impact on others because people only share content that is interesting and captivating.


Never try to embed videos in any email marketing campaign because these don’t work in an email. If you want to share a video, embed it on your landing page and ensure that customers view your video. And, if you’re trying to use animated GIFs, you need to work a bit hard because most versions of Outlook use the MS rendering engine, which only displays the first frame of animation.

Avoid using top banners as these are usually filtered as spam by the most email service providers. Additionally, focus on using JPEG or non-animated GIFs as PNG is not supported by lotus notes, meaning that your messages may reach the spam folder.

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