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As Easy As MS Word

We believe managing your email campaign should be easy. Create Email Campaigns quickly and easily with our campaign manager. Our intuitive design was built with users in mind. We wanted to cater for all ranges from novice to experts.

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you will know how to create emails with Email It. It really is that easy. Our visual editor works with fully responsive emails so they look great on all devices.

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Some Neat Features of our Campaign Manager ...

  • Intuitive Design

    We kept our users in mind when building our campaign manager. Everything from radio buttons all the way to where each option should be has been carefully thought of to give our users an amazing experience.

  • Auto-Save Campaign

    Ever had those moments where you create a beautiful email but you accidentally clicked away from the page. Everything you have done has been wiped clean. We prevent such incidences by auto-saving as you craft your beautiful email campaign.

  • Campaign Duplication

    It is obvious if you have a successful email marketing campaign, you want all your other email campaigns to have this same success. This is why we made it effortless to copy all the settings and content by allowing you to duplicate your email campaign.

  • Campaign Configuration

    Are you the type who likes to customise everything? You can do that with our campaign manager. We don’t just allow changing names but even the place you want to get reply back to. You can even customise what tracking you need and what you don’t.

  • Easy Template Selection

    We have spent months designing a campaign manager that allows businesses to choose the template of their choice with ease. We know how hard it can be to pick the right design so we categorise templates to make this process as simple and easy as possible.

  • Campaign Scheduler

    Sending the right email at the right time has always been our emphasis. Getting the timing right is crucial for your email campaign success. Our campaign manager allows you to set that right date and time for your email campaign to be sent out.


Why choose us?

Apart from 100s of reasons to choose us, here are some that we think are quite important to provide our customers. We provide a great intuitive subscriber management console allowing you to maintain a healthy list. Our customer service record is excellent so you know we are here for you and we mean it. Our email template designer is continually improved on a daily basis allowing you to send out those beautiful email campaigns.

We know how important customer data can be so we go beyond our way to protect your important data. We take your the trust you place on us very seriously. What email marketing solution is complete without clear reporting? We not only track your messages accurately but integrate data from other platforms to base your business decisions on. We hope you are convinced.

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