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3 Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Ecommerce Sales

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Email marketing is probably the leading and most powerful tool available with an ecommerce business in terms of generation of leads and driving sales. Your email marketing strategy should be in-line with your brand communication, if you want to reap rewards in the future. However, when done wrongly, it isolates the customers, and you end up in the spam folder of their inbox. Ecommerce needs to send a steady stream of messages to the readers to foster relationship – for which email marketing is perfect. Here are a few strategies that can help you increase your ecommerce sales.

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Focus on welcome series

Every time a new customer signup for the newsletter, you should send them welcome emails to foster the relationship immediately. Thank the customers for giving you a chance and let the readers know their benefits. You need to thank the customers again and prompt the readers to take another step in the buying cycle. You can prompt the readers to make a purchase by offering 10% discount offer to the new customers. The welcome series is essential to win the trust of the readers and create long term relationship with the readers.

Create a strong email

Even the best targeted email message will not yield the desired results, if the messages are not crafted. A well-organized and well-crafted email marketing campaign is the only way to witness success in your email marketing campaign. Focus on creating a strong subject line and a pre-header that will help you grab the attention. You need to understand that you have less than 3-4 seconds to grab the attention before your readers drift away from the campaign. Furthermore, focus on personalizing the messages to enhance and increase your ecommerce sales.

Adopting different campaigns

It’s definitely difficult to create new and innovative marketing campaigns every time. Therefore, it’s best to take inspiration from marketing campaigns that are successful. Understand your readers before sending the messages. Adopt different marketing campaigns to attract people from a wide spectrum to grow a strong customer base.

Focus on these strategies to create a win-win situation for everyone.

Email Video Marketing: The Next Step in Email Marketing

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Videos on social media are capable of producing a lot of buzz, but very few marketers use videos in email marketing. Putting emails in your video increases the revenue, click-through rate and open rate. Additionally, according to a report by Forrester Research, video email marketing increases the click-through rate by 200-300 percent. Today, including videos in an email is simple and an extremely smart way to increase the revenue of your brand. Here are a few things to consider:

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Produce great videos

Before creating a video, you should have a clear idea of why you’re making a video. Is your goal to increase brand awareness or provide more information to the readers? Without a definite goal, you cannot connect with the target audience. Furthermore, have a clear expectation from the audience i.e. you want the readers to comment or purchase a product using the video. Focus on filming a well-lit video with superb audio and visual. The optimum length of a video is anywhere between 3-5 minutes. Create a high quality video to win your audience.

Include the word ‘video’ in the subject

Subject lines are a nightmare for marketers because it decides whether the message will be read or not. However, by using the word ‘video’ in your subject line, the open rate will drastically increase. If you don’t believe the powerfulness of a video, carry out a batch test of emails with and without ‘video’ mentioned in the subject line. Based on the results send videos to customers, who interact positively on receiving a video.

Avoid auto playing feature

Auto play works wonder on Facebook as a customer has to choose one video from the many available. But, the scenario is different in email marketing. The auto playing feature is an unpopular choice and many customers cannot stand an auto playing video in their inbox. Therefore, if you’re using an email service provider that supports video playback, avoid using it.

Do not hesitate to try this popular and proven email marketing tactic to build a loyal base of customers.

How your Brand can Benefit from an Effective Email Campaign

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Whether its 2016 or 2036, email marketing is likely to remain the most profitable platform in the coming years. You create deeper and meaningful relationships with the readers with a solid email marketing strategy. By spending a small advertising cost, you can engage the readers for a long time. However, if your email marketing strategy is vague, you will end up losing the potential customers. The benefits of email marketing is well known to marketers who have been using it to build a strong customer base. Here are a few benefits of email marketing that you shouldn’t overlook.


Possibility of reaching people around the world

As you know that Internet has no borders, your email marketing campaign can reach anyone in the world. Furthermore, email marketing is one of the key platforms that allows recipient to view the offer and purchase it in 2-3 clicks – thanks to the call-to-action button. It promotes impulse buying, which has a significant share in the total revenue. With an effective call-to-action and properly targeted messages, you can reach customers anywhere in the world promote impulse buying. Therefore, focus on creating a smart email marketing campaign.

Tracking is easy

Many email marketing software provides the user with open, click-through rate and conversion rates that help them tweak changes in the campaign according to the performance. Unlike other marketing platforms, you can recognize the weakness of your campaign and make the desired changes. Furthermore, with A/B testing, you test different variations of the message to reach the target audience.

Sharing is simple

Recipients or readers can easily share content with others with a single click unlike social media. Furthermore, you can tailor the message for every person. This means that your existing readers play a crucial role in spreading awareness about your brand.

Increases return on investment

A good email marketing campaign enhances the return on investment by manifolds making it the best platform for marketers who are short on funds. For every $1 spent, email results in approximately $30 revenue, which is the best attainable ROI by any marketing platform today.

How to Make your Email Look more Festive this Holiday Season?

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November marks the beginning of many oncoming holidays and festival around the globe. Some people prefer to celebrate by exchanging gifts, while others prefer to just party. And, in the midst of all these celebrations, email marketers are busy trying to prepare email strategies that will help your business reach the desired audience. Email marketing is the leading tool during the festive season to increase your revenue. Here are a few ways to spice up your holiday festive for the holiday season.

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Find the trend this year

The trend of holiday season changes every year and instead of focusing on loads of elements, attract the audience by finding what is in trend. If customers are loving mobile friendly holiday themed emails, create optimized emails that open properly on every device. Furthermore, send witty and friendly responses to people who have abandoned the cart. During the holiday season never send too many promotional messages, instead focus on building trust because your competitors are trying to lure the readers.

Increase the email budget

During the festive season, it makes sense to increase the email budget by more than 50% to accommodate better resources. If the readers love your marketing content, you will reap benefits much more than what you have invested. Therefore, focus on increasing the email budget and put in efforts to engage the readers to ensure that sales actually occur. Increasing the email budget will increase the subscriber engagement and improve customer engagement.

Attract readers through content

Holiday emailing is an extremely integral part of your business, do it right by creating responsive email designs that attract the attention of the readers. Furthermore, focus on creating content and design that enhances the holiday mood of the readers. Boring and dull content would ensure that the readers turn away and take up holiday sales of another company.

Offer discounts

By offering 5-10% discount to the readers, you can increase the revenue by many times. Customers love discounts and freebies during the holiday season because it helps them save a lot of money.

Focus on creating a creative email marketing campaign.

3 Bad Habits to Avoid in Email Marketing

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Email marketing is the leading tool for reaping high ROI and reaching the customers in an effective manner. Even then many marketers fall in the trap of cringe worthy tactics that rarely captures the desired attention. However, many times even good marketers fall in the trap of bad email marketing tactics that destroys their sender’s reputation. As a marketer, you need to avoid these mistakes and create a winning email marketing strategy. Here are a few mistakes to watch out.


Never email people who didn’t ask for

Always make sure that your recipients have actually permitted you to send the email, otherwise your messages will be filtered as spam. It may be a quick win to send messages from emails acquired from LinkedIn, but it’s a bad marketing tactic. Focus on following the double-opt in strategy wherein the customer click the confirmation link for receiving messages from your brand. It’s the leading way to ensure long-term relationships with readers and the best way to maintain a healthy list.

Never send the same message to everyone

Gone are those days when blasting a single message was considered a reasonable and effective marketing strategy. Segmenting the subscribers into the different sections is the key to maximizing email engagement. Ask readers question that will help you segment the readers into smaller sections. Based on the interest, age group and preferences of the readers, send content of their choice. When a customer receives messages pertaining to their previous purchase, they are more likely to engage with the readers.

Don’t fall for the spam folder

Being reported as spam is a serious matter because your messages will reach only the spam folders. And, your subject line plays a significant role in deciding the future of email marketing. Therefore, as far as possible, avoid words such as ‘earn $$’, ‘free’ and money back guarantee. When your messages reach the spam folder, the email deliverability and sender’s reputation decreases causing loss of your email marketing campaign.

Therefore, as far as possible, avoid these bad habits to win the trust of the readers.


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