Anti-Spam Rules

The rules for sending your email campaigns are very simple. If your subscribers belong to the category “YES – mailing permitted”, then you can mail them using our email marketing service. If your data corresponds to the category “NO – mailing not permitted”, then you may under no circumstances send these subscribers e-mails. Sending subscribers belonging to NO category will result in immediate suspension of your account and NO refund will be given. Please make sure you are also familiar with our Anti-Spam policy which make up these rules below.


NO – Mailing not Permitted

Buying Email Addresses – The email addresses have been bought from another company. These receivers may NOT be contacted by mail, since they have not granted YOU the permission to send an email. Even if the address vendor has issued a certificate or a purchase document, is it forbidden for you to use this data. Some companies sell telling their customers that the list has been an Opt-In list for specific category and that those subscribers have given permission to receive emails relating to that specific category. You are still NOT allowed to send them because you directly have NO permission to send these recipients.

Recipient has not been contacted for longer than 2 years – Recipients that have been on your mailing list for longer than 2 years and have never been contacted by email during this time may not be used.

Email Addresses copied from the Internet – Email addresses indicated on Internet web pages as contact options have been copied.


YES – Mailing Permitted

Double Opt-In over your own website – All Subscribers that have registered on your web page by the Double-Opt procedure by means of a web-form. A registration date is available to prove the registration.

Single Opt-In – All Subscribers that you’ve collected over time from website signups, emails and various other means. We allow importing of your own list from other email marketing providers. We only question you when we receive spam complaints, large number of bounces or find your activity/campaign suspicious.

Purchase of Goods and Services – The subscribers have acquired a product or service and their attention was drawn to the following sentence before collecting data: “The use of your data for own advertising purposes for similar goods and services is not excluded. You can contradict this use at any time, without other costs than the transmission costs accruing according to the basic rates.” A reference into your General Terms and Conditions is NOT permissible.

Contact by business card – Subscribers, who for instance have given you a business card and request forwarding of emails. In this case, you require the business card as a proof.

Registration with offline form – The subscribers have filled out a form off-line. The email contact request must have been confirmed explicitly by selecting a check box. You need the form as proof here too.

Co-Registration – Subscribers who registered in the context of a competition. You have identified clearly and precisely at registration together with their address as sponsor of this competition and the participant was notified of the mailings.
If you are in doubt on a mailing list that has been obtained in another method that has not been listed above, please use our feedback form or community-powered support to confirm before sending.